La Poste is investing 800 million euros, including 300 million in digital

Natalie Collin would like the French to be even closer to their post offices, whether physical or digital. “We are working to improve the path of customers through digital technology. By 2025, all proposals will be digitized, including those intended for professionals. “, announces the Deputy General Director of the group. The group strives to ensure easy and smooth work with customers, regardless of where the entry point is used. Customers are less likely to go to the counters, but are adopting their online habits as the use of digital platforms progresses. In 2021, recorded almost 1 million unique visitors per day and accumulated 1 billion visits throughout the year.. thus, La Poste is investing € 300 million over 5 years to enhance the omnichannel and synergy between the physical network and its digital ecosystem around the website and the mobile app..

Launch digital brand

The company intends to strengthen customer service. On its website and its mobile application, locator (Google link) allows you to link to 35,000 service points and provides information about their hours of operation, geographical location and services offered. The function will be implemented gradually from the beginning of the school year: to make appointments with a customer support representative. Parcel tracking becomes multi-operator : the customer can monitor the delivery of his shipment step by step, regardless of whether it is delivered by La Poste, its subsidiaries (Chronopost, DPD France) or another carrier (TNT, UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc.). In addition, La Poste deploys video conference with all La Banque Postale advisors. An important tool to offer them personalized, accessible and faster customer service. It also summarizes the electronic signature to complete the subscription to offers sold by La Banque Postale, in the office or remotely. Another novelty, “Digital stamp”, which allows you to easily open letters from your smartphone. This service is currently being tested the ability to franchise mail in real time, at any time of day or night. Purchased from La Poste, it comes as a one-time 8-character alphanumeric code that can be written with a pen on the envelope. This additional solution to existing stamps will allow you to quickly open your current mail for postal items weighing less than 20 g to France. The service will be available in 2023.

Network modernization

Another priority axis is 7250 physical points of sale (reduction) throughout the territory. AND a large-scale investment plan of 500 million euros for 5 years is announced (ie 800 million euros in total). “This investment plan with an unprecedented amount in our multidisciplinary priority network of banks marks a new stage in our development strategy. This shows the profound evolution of our group at the service of our ambitions: to create a powerful multi-channel distributor that serves individuals, professionals and small communities. Our desire, with 50,000 postal workers in the branch, is to bring the quality of services provided to our customers to the level of the best market standards“The goal is Natalie Collin, Deputy General Manager of La Poste Group, responsible for the Consumer and Digital Technology Branch. By 2027, all post offices will be repairedincluding 600 offices in 2022.

Simplified reception of parcels

New services are expected. All 20,000 postal workers who communicate with customers are equipped with new smartphones. Under the name Smarteo, they facilitate the reception of customers and direct them or take responsibility for sending their parcels in order to facilitate their travel. New Duo lockers will be installed in its trade halls. Simple and fast to use, designed to send and receive Colissimo, they support the development of e-commerce and make it easier to manage the return of parcels. In 2021, about 100 lockers were installed in high-traffic post offices throughout France. They allow you to make or remove a parcel in less than 2 minutes, completely autonomously. Finally, La Poste wants to expand and diversify its distribution network in order increase in 2025 from 35,000 to 40,000 service points. In this context, the company plans to expand partnerships with retailers, in particular with large retail chains, which have already been experimented with in the regions, or even a network of tobacco kiosks. By 2023, its network of Pickup lockers will increase from 700 to 2,000 lockers throughout France, which will allow you to pick up parcels independently and quickly, which has become important for Internet users.

Key indicators for the Consumer and Digital branch:

6.7 billion turnover in 2021 (6.4 billion in 2020), including 3.5 billion in the digital business

50,000 employees

28 million unique visitors per month

1 billion visits to in 2021

2400 hire for 3 years