La Centrale des SCPI, a place where you can invest well in SCPI?

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La Centrale des SCPI is a true institution in the world of SCPI, a real estate investment that brings in up to 6% of profits. With over 10 years of operation and tens of thousands of customers, this online platform is a benchmark for getting the best advice and buying the best SCPI. How did La Centrale des SCPIs become a must for successful investment in SCPI? What are the benefits? Transcript.

The advantage of La Centrale des SCPI 1: access to the best SCPI

The strength of La Centrale des SCPI is its complete independence. This allows him to provide real advice to savers that span the entire SCPI universe. In fact, this SCPI platform provides access to all SCPIs on the market, from historical players to the latest.

“As a leader in the distribution of SCPI units, our mission is to offer savers a portfolio of the best SCPIs. So far, the mission has been successful because thousands of new customers call us every year on and trust us. This success is not surprising, knowing that the price of a share of SCPI is the same for everyone, so our services at no extra cost to savers. » tells us Laurent Fages, manager of La Centrale des SCPI.

The quality of its analysts allows it to predict and detect high-potential SCPIs such as SCPI Activimmo launched in 2019 and recently GMA Essentialis The latter focuses its investments on the food sector in France and Germany, which has grown significantly in recent years. In addition, the stability of this niche of real estate assets is ensured by the fact that food companies meet the basic need: food.

The advantage of La Centrale des SCPI 2: a digital process designed for savers

Since its inception in 2011, innovation has always been at the heart of La Centrale des SCPI’s development strategy. They knew how to surround themselves with the best developers to always be one step ahead of the SCPI market. This platform was also the first to offer an intuitive and 100% digital customer path invest in SCPI.

To do this, La Centrale des SCPI ( offers daily SCPI news to better monitor the SCPI market, SCPI sheets to know your SCPI at hand, and a SCPI simulator to calculate your potential profits. After creating a SCPI portfolio, investments are made online from a computer or smartphone.

The electronic signature tool offered by La Centrale des SCPI combines simplicity and reliability. Indeed, it allows you to directly fill out all subscription forms and meet all European security standards.

Developers Central SCPI also created an SCPI aggregator that allows you to centralize and have a global vision of your investments and, in particular, the typological and geographical distribution of its portfolio with many SCPIs.

The advantage of La Centrale des SCPI 3: a dedicated SCPI expert

“Digitization of processes and human advice go hand in hand. This provides optimal support for our customers. Every saver who registers on our platform or dials, automatically benefits from a special consultant who guides him to the success of his project. » explains Lionel Benham, founding partner of La Centrale des SCPI.

You can also meet an SCPI expert in real estate stores. The flagship of Central SCPI also located at 15 rue Saint-Roch, in the first district of Paris. This megastore was designed to be both:

– Meeting place with his adviser

– SCPI conference hall and presentations of new market products for customers

– SCPI Lab so that analysts can still anticipate the needs of investors in terms of investment.

To meet the needs of a growing number of investors, La Centrale des SCPI has decided to bring the democratization of SCPI investments to a peak. To this end, he has just announced the launch of a new innovation platform that will shake French investment methods: SCPI-SIGN. The main presentation is also scheduled for June 28.


Investments in SCPI are not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital retention. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets.

Before deciding to buy SCPI shares, consult with a professional to make sure that this investment matches your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, keep in mind that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum retention period of at least eight years.

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