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Think globally, act locally.” Launched on the occasion of the first Environment Summit, this research perfectly sums up how we approach S ESG at Eramet today.

The vocation of the “Eramet” group is to develop the Earth’s resources; how we collect and transform them is one of the conditions for virtuous economic development and a successful energy transition.

The group firmly believes that the mining industry of tomorrow will be exemplary in terms of corporate social responsibility‚Ķor it won’t be. It is our “right to operate” and our ability to meet the aspirations of our fellow citizens that are at stake in producing the metals the world needs.

Duty to set an example

The manifesto of our raison d’√™tre, enshrined in our statutes, underlines our full awareness of the extraordinary state in which our planet finds itself and the need not to weaken our efforts in a responsible industry. This confirms our constant concern for a positive impact on the well-being of the women and men who live in our environment.

I often emphasize that to grow your business in host countries, it is no longer enough to be tolerated, you have to be loved. It’s not a formula, it’s what I see every time I step on the field. The expectations of the people who host us have changed significantly over the past few years and encourage us to lead by example.

Thus, Eramet wanted to move from an approach of limiting and compensating the impact of its activities to seeking a net benefit for the population in line with its priorities and aspirations.

Actions for the benefit of young people

This goal can be evaluated by 2023 on the basis of two goals: 100% of our sites establish a dialogue mechanism, because building mutually beneficial and partnership relations with communities must be based on information and constant consultation; 100% of our sites implement an investment program that contributes to local development by promoting actions for the benefit of young people. It is this youth that we speak directly to as we envision the industry and technology of tomorrow to secure their future with or without the mine.

It is with this in mind that all sites of the group are developing community investment programs.

Within the framework of the partnership approach, priorities are defined and controlled together: support of economic activity, actions in the fields of education, health care, sports, culture, renewal of infrastructure necessary for local development.

This growing position in the S of ESG is the result of being a committed company that puts the creation of shared value at the heart of our business.

Requests from our customers

Along with these legitimate expectations, the demands of our customers have also changed significantly. Two years ago, when we talked to major car manufacturers about traceability or a responsible value chain, we were rebuffed in response. The question of the origin of their raw materials was of little concern to them: that was the responsibility of their suppliers.

Today, however, some players in the automotive industry are making demands on the origin of raw materials and taking strong decisions, such as banning cobalt batteries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where child labor is rampant.

There are our customers, there are those who live around our mines and factories, and there are those who work within the company. Of course, Eramet employees have not been forgotten in this desire to emphasize S ESG: they are the main participants in this transformation, our best ambassadors and the first innovators and initiators in these areas.

The pandemic has shown how supportive and active a community they are. We have a duty to them: to ensure their safety and health, as well as our subcontractors, and to offer them the best possible professional development through remuneration and training throughout their careers; respecting their diversity, which is a great source of wealth.

With this in mind, the concept of “living well together” cannot and should not be a road map only for our Western societies. Eramet is a company that contributes not only to issues of public interest, but also to the creation of value wherever it is.

S ESG concerns the entire planet. Precisely because we constantly remember this, we strive to become a benchmark in the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources.

Christel Boris, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Eramet

Christel Boris, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Eramet
A significant contribution to the local economy and concrete actions for communities