KEYRUS – Keyrus becomes the majority shareholder of CMG Consulting Group – 16.06.2022 – 20:00.

Keyrus becomes the majority shareholder of CMG Consulting Group, a consulting firm specializing in banking, finance, insurance and real estate.

Paris, Levallois-Peret, June 16, 2022 – International player in the field of Data Intelligence, digital and business transformation, Cyrus announces the acquisition of a majority stake in capital CMG Consulting Groupa network of consulting firms specializing in business project management, business consulting and organizational consulting in the banking, finance, insurance and real estate sectors.

Investments in CMG Consulting Group stands for Cyrus strategic opportunity to strengthen its financial services unit (FSI) and respond more comprehensively to the needs of the transformation of these sectors by combining business know-how CMG Consulting Group to its functional and technological expertise in the field of data and digital data.

Skill with Cyrus Models of “delivery” of the project in a distributed mode within its various international locations will accelerate the deployment of “practice” FSI on a pan-European basis with the possibility of positioning CMG Consulting Group confirmed Cyrus for large-scale projects, which include both consulting and implementation of innovative and highly efficient technological solutions.

“Congratulations CMG Consulting Group within the Group Cyrus, we are strengthening our leadership in France and Europe in the ISP market. Our entrepreneurial, flexible culture, strongly focused on customer satisfaction, putting people at the center of our strategy, allows us to anticipate rapid and successful integration CMG Consulting Group »declares Eric Cohen, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Cyrus.

Founded in 2006 in Paris, CMG Consulting Group unites 4 companies and has more than 100 employees with a turnover of 11.3 million euros in 2021. The group developed rapidly in Europe and in 2021 opened its first subsidiary in Portugal. CMG Consulting Group accompanies the largest French banking and financial institutions. He has active first-class listings with large groups and public financial players. Its offerings provide innovative solutions tailored to the needs of corporate banking, asset management, retail banking, financial services, insurance and real estate.

“We are convinced that this is a merger with the Group Cyrus creates a real opportunity to accelerate growth and support the industrial project CMG which we created 16 years ago. From the very beginning, we were seduced by the management team, history and positioning Keirus, and because of the obvious synergies we could have with this operation. ” comment in one voice Raphael Faure and Steve Fichtenbaummost of the founding partners who sell their packages Cyrus focus on new challenges.

Benjamin Mosseri and Arno Muellerboth partners, as well as the origins of the creation CMG Consulting Groupwill continue to provide overall governance and continue to develop in this new context in order to accelerate the international presence and increase the value of the company and its offerings.

Our meeting with the founder and leaders of the Group Cyrus have played a crucial role in developing an ambitious joint project that brings value to our employees and our customers. CMG Consulting Group will be able to enter a new stage of its development, supported by all the know-how Cyrus in achieving sustainable growth and rapid expansion.
There are many ways for synergies and they concern all our proposals and our territories, first of all France and Portugal.
“, They say Benjamin Mosseri and Arno Mueller.


International player in consulting and technology, data and digital technology specialist, Cyrus aims to help companies reap the benefits of the data and digital technology paradigm to increase their productivity, facilitate and accelerate their transformation, and create new levers for growth and competitiveness.

Putting innovation at the heart of your strategy Cyrus develops a unique market value offer based on five main groups of services, each of which includes several offers:

. Automation and artificial intelligence

. Human-centered digital experience

. Data implementation and analytics

. Cloud and security

. Transformation and innovation

Building on the combined experience of more than 3,000 employees in 22 countries and 4 continents, Cyrus is a leading international expert in data, consulting and technology.

Cyrus listed on Euronext Growth Paris.
(ALKEY – ISIN-Code: FR0004029411 – Reuters: KEYR.PA – Bloomberg: ALKEY: FP).

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CMG Consulting Group is a network of consulting firms in France and Portugal, which are positioned in the field of specialized business consulting: Business project management (creation of products and services, regulatory or commercial transformation, operational efficiency), Business council (operational assistance, transition management, expertise) and Organizational consulting (diagnostics, target operating model, trajectory “people and changes”).

The main areas of competence of the group in essence Finance, risks, compliance, market activity (corporate and investment banking and asset management), retail banking, credit, payments and real estate profession. The banking and insurance sectors and the real estate sector now account for 75% and 25% of turnover, respectively.

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