It’s time to invest in SCPI: follow the guide to get your first rental property!

SCPI allows you to invest in real estate without worrying about rent management. In fact, this management is taken care of by the asset manager. Eventually, the subscriber of the STI shares becomes the owner of the STI shares and, consequently, indirectly the owner of a small number of houses under management. SCPI’s share of the paper stone market in France has been growing steadily for several years. Therefore, SCPI has become a real choice of real estate investment for French savers. Investing in real estate in SCPI is a well-considered choice. This is usually done in order to diversify its assets by linking its savings with real estate assets.

Today, there are about fifty different SCPIs. Therefore, the paper stone market is quite large and can satisfy a large number of requests. The choice of SCPI should be carefully considered. Indeed, SCPIs differ depending on their investment policy. Today, there are basically two types of SCPIs: performance SCPIs and capital gains SCPIs.

Profitable SCPIs allow you to invest in quality assets that generate attractive rental income. Profitable SCPIs are usually invested in quality assets (offices, shops, business premises) and located in popular areas. Thus, SCPI’s profitability management is based on finding rental income. Rental income from these SCPIs ranges from 4.5% to 6% per annum. Therefore, it is an attractive return.

SCPI capital gains are transformational SCPIs. Land is acquired for transformation. After re-equipment, the buildings are resold. Thus, the SCPI with capital gains is the SCPI with real estate with capital gains. The return on SCPI capital gains is lower than the return on SCPI. In fact, finding value for money is more important than renting.

Therefore, investing in SCPI is an interesting solution for individual entry into the real estate market. This allows you to invest in real estate without worrying about rent management. A professional has to manage this lease on behalf of SCPI subscribers. SCPIs now offer attractive rental income. You can invest in SCPI for a long period of investment. It is quite possible to subscribe to SCPI shares in order to transfer assets.

Finally, investing in SCPI also allows you to take advantage of tax benefits. Indeed, rental income received by SCPI is subject to income tax. Therefore, you can reduce your income tax by investing in SCPI. Therefore, real estate investing in SCPI is an interesting solution to make real estate investing without worrying about rent management. SCPIs offer attractive rental income and tax benefits.

Investing in SCPI in 2022

Investing in SCPI is an interesting alternative for savers who want to take advantage of the rise in the French real estate market without starting to buy real estate. This real estate formula is very popular today among investors looking for long-term, safe and profitable investments.

What is SCPI?

SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) is a company established by one or more persons, natural or legal (civil or commercial companies, associations, foundations, etc.), whose main purpose is to purchase, own, manage and sell real estate. real estate to make a profit from rent.

SCPI is a company whose capital consists of shares and partners are investors. To invest in SCPI, the buyer buys shares and thus becomes a co-owner of the property owned by SCPI.

Why invest in SCPI?

Investing in SCPI allows you to take advantage of the rising real estate market without succumbing to the vagaries of rent management (finding tenants, unpaid rent problems, etc.). Thus, there is no risk of renting vacancies, and rental income is predictable.

Investing in SCPI is a low-voltage and very profitable investment in the long run. Unlike other financial investments, investing in SCPI is not subject to inflation, on the contrary. Indeed, the rental price increases at the same time as inflation, and hence the rental income of the STI.

Investing in SCPI is a formula that is suitable for savers who want to invest their money in the long run, without risk and with high returns. It should be noted that SCPIs are not very sensitive to changes in interest rates, which makes them even more attractive to investors.

Why invest in SCPI in 2022?

In 2020, SCPI experienced a sharp increase. Indeed, many investors who have faced significant losses in the financial markets are hesitant to invest in real estate in general, and SCPI in particular, to secure income.

In 2022, the real estate market should still experience significant growth, and the SCPI sector should benefit from this. Mortgage interest rates are expected to remain low, which should boost real estate investment. In addition, investors who have accumulated money through quarantine should look for investment in the real estate market.

It should be noted that SCPIs dedicated to the housing sector are more attractive to investors than those intended for the tertiary sector. Indeed, remote work makes the housing market more vibrant than the office market.

How to invest in SCPI?

There are two ways to invest in SCPI: direct investment and investment through a life insurance policy.

To invest directly in SCPI, you must purchase shares either from the SCPI manager, or from another investor, or through a brokerage firm. Investing in SCPI is a long-term investment (average 8 years), and it is better not to rush with this operation. Therefore, it is advisable to invest gradually, over many years, to limit the risk.

To invest in SCPI through a life insurance contract, you must choose a life insurance contract that offers investment in SCPI and sign up for this offer. The advantage of such an investment in SCPI is that the saver can sign a life insurance contract that offers different options and choose to invest in SCPI. Therefore, it is possible to invest in SCPI in parallel with other investments, to diversify its investments.