It is profitable to invest in commercial walls!

As a first investment or to diversify their assets, commercial walls offer a wide range of opportunities depending on the categories of property and their location. With great impact at stake.

Thanks to its exchange platform, COYSEVOX is the market leader in France. A dynamic market with demand that exceeds supply, which generates high incomes and is becoming more democratic. Meeting with Elvir Halleyn, Director of

Investing in commercial walls is first and foremost a search for higher returns than residential real estate!

Undoubtedly, we see an average return across France of 7 to 9%, and in Paris, all costs are included from 5%. Thus, these are higher rates than the average for residential real estate with rates ranging from 3 to 5%.

The commercial wall market is very stable: real estate sales are sold on average every 50 years. Such low turnover is due to the preservation of high profitability and contributes to this!

Another important advantage of this investment: peace of mind! If the owner is responsible for renting the premises in working condition, the tenant is responsible for their equipment. Each tenant develops his own concept of the store, his idea of ​​planning and seeks to reflect their identity by planning their premises. is the market № 1 in France for this type of property: how do you support owners and investors?

COYSEVOX is an agency that specializes in commercial walls, which gives our teams unique knowledge about this market and its development.

Our tips are tailored to the city, the location of the property and all elements of its context to determine the best strategy for the owner who wants to sell or rent your property. There are also different types of trade with or without goodwill. Goodwill is resold from tenant to tenant. This is an additional guarantee of stability for the tenant, as he invests in his fund.

One of the main events of recent years is the explosion of e-commerce. This change in consumer buying habits did not affect the profitability of commercial facilities or the level of their occupancy, as 90% of buildings sold are occupied. On the other hand, business has developed. We’ve seen CBD shops and hairdressers thrive.

The health crisis has also raised awareness of the importance of bustling urban centers, as well as growing demand for commercial walls in urban centers through dynamic public policies. The exceptional situation of the health care crisis has not reduced prices, demand is still high.

Is this a market open to buyers for the first time?

This market is becoming more democratic due to its attractive profitability, as well as greater transparency regarding this type of investment. Thanks to its platform, COYSEVOX is a precursor to this democratization. Each property is described in detail here, and our teams are ready to advise and provide information.

Investors are mostly family and institutional owners. To further open this market, COYSEVOX has created SCI Patricom 1 and SCI Patricom 2, in which investors can receive a share of 10,000 euros and to which we pay dividends.

COYSEVOX is also a management activity!

If we achieve more than half of our turnover from the sale of commercial premises, a significant part is devoted to the management of the lease of these facilities. This is a global service from receipt to relocation. Even if such cases remain rare, we also provide our clients with qualified legal assistance through a partner network of specialized lawyers.

COYSEVOX has teams scattered throughout the country to offer investors and owners appropriate and local services.

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