Investments in companies or cryptocurrencies are very profitable, but extremely risky

The time has come to democratize high-potential savings products that have long been reserved for professionals and the very wealthy. Financing the construction of buildings or renewable energy parks, buying shares of funds in companies that are not listed on the stock exchange… the opportunities are booming. For a few months, there was even a way to bet on cryptocurrency-oriented funds and thus have a shot at the jackpot. Does your profile encourage you to combine profitability with environmental impact? Then focus on funds with the label “SRI”, which are very fashionable and whose performance has nothing to envy to traditional funds.

Loans for business

Profitability from 5 to 10% for blocking savings for 2-4 years. A withdrawal period of 4 days and a maximum bet of 1,000 euros per project: here are the new rules that will apply to this form of investment from November 2022. That is, he is not without any risk. In practice, this involves providing money to small and medium-sized enterprises (through specialized Internet platforms), which will return the funds to you after 2-4 years with an interest rate of 5 to 10% per year. As a precautionary measure, it is desirable to diversify the bet on a dozen companies (bankruptcy cannot be ruled out) and focus on the most reliable projects in 2022, that is, real estate and energy.


Subscription to SME capital

Unquoted SME funds

Now available in all good life insurance policies. Investing in unlisted SME funds? This has been possible for 30 years, but until now only professional financiers had access to this speculative support. The glitch has been fixed: everyone can now do this with their life insurance (most good contracts include these types of funds), from a €1,000 bet. In particular, we will be able to access the Bpifrance Entreprises 2 fund (initiated by the state in February 2022, the entry ticket of which is €3,000), which unites almost 1,500 French startups. These products, which perform very well in the long term (10% capital gain per year), but are extremely volatile: you will only risk them if you can lock in your money for 10 years.

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Cryptocurrency funds

Bet on the growth of Bitcoin or bet on the technology being used. Since the universe of virtual currencies is complex, but makes speculators around the world dream, the managers had a good idea to launch their funds aimed at this sector. Advantage over direct investment: no need to open an account on a specialized platform, the fund can be purchased through a regular banker or broker.


How to buy bitcoins

Most products are priced in Bitcoin, a flagship currency such as VanEck, 21shares or Coinshares. Other funds prefer to focus on shares of companies that develop Internet technologies used by cryptocurrencies, such as Tobam ​​​​or Melanion Capital.


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SRI of marked funds

Already more than 700 products to invest in a more efficient economy. Choosing companies that combine environmental (carbon footprint) and social (job creation, training, etc.) issues is the promise of funds labeled SRI (socially responsible investing). Two possible approaches: exclude companies that do not meet the responsibility criteria (alcohol, oil, etc.) or select the most deserving in each sector (Microsoft, for digital).

Faced with a sharp increase in demand, all banks now offer their range of SRI funds: in France there are more than 700 with a total of €470 billion in debt. Speeches? It’s all good: over 5 years, the average annual gain of the international SRI equity category is 16%, compared to 15% for OTC funds.


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