Investing well is an art!

We’re continuing our series on different ways to increase your wealth by giving the floor to two brilliant women this week.

Degroof Petercam. You don’t have to be a financier for this name to mean something to you. And for good reason… We are talking here about the largest private investment bank in Belgium, which was formed as a result of the merger (in 2015) between Bank Degroof and the brokerage company Petercam. The group is actively engaged in a number of activities: private asset management, financial consulting for companies, management and distribution of investment funds, financial analysis, establishment and administration of investment funds. After the merger, the group refocused on four key activities: Private Banking, Institutional asset management, Investment Banking, Asset Services. And it is in this stimulating structure that our two interlocutors work.

As we’ve seen in previous LOBBY newsletters, the arts are a buoyant sector for some investors. Art here must be understood as a whole: the form does not matter as long as there is talent. It was on the basis of this observation that the “Art advisory” department was created at Degroof Petercam. This department is aimed at potential investors, regardless of their motivation.

But let’s give the floor to one of our two experts, Eugenie Dumont. She explains her work to us: “Our vocation is to be a guardian angel for our clients. On the other hand, I don’t like to equate art and performance. If the idea is that the main purpose of buying art is to create additional value, this is not a valid argument. I want to change this mentality.” In fact, we know that an investor can also be a benefactor. And in this very specific sector that is art, the client may also want to support the artist with their investment. Eugenie Dumont knows what she is talking about, she herself is fond of contemporary art exhibitions, but she is also a collector. “A collector is a kind of architect who develops his passion over time. It is also a temporary storage, a form of protector of the artistic movement. If the idea of ​​reselling the work or collection after a few years or passing it down to posterity is legitimate, some consider donating it to a museum or creating a foundation. We advocate for the expansion of art, even if the collection is private. In this context, and as we build the collection, we try to protect the content through strict management.” Degroof Petercam has thought of everything, as when it’s time to leave your place, the Estate Planning department will offer advice on donating, bequeathing or setting up a private or public trust. In this way, the collector will be accompanied so that his artistic legacy will outlive him.

With financial backgrounds, Eugenie and Emilie are also well versed in art history and keep up to date. “We go to fairs, gallerists or exhibitions. Art Brussels, for example, is a highlight that allows you to feel the pulse of the market, compare trends and personalities. We avoid conflicts of interest with our experts. They are literally independent, they are not merchants and are not direct subjects of the market. Our work is a long-term work that will progress as we gather. We accompany our customers for several generations.” And when it comes to defining her profession, Eugenie becomes almost a poet: “From the old masters to modern art, there is a real energy in constant evolution. Dynamism, positive energy, an explosion of ideas, vibrant colors and forms – all these elements combine the art of the beginning of the 21st century with the motivation of an investment advisory bank.”

In anticipation of the start of the academic year and a series of exhibitions, or if you want to know more about the views of these two passionate people on the field of art, we invite you to download the latest version of LOBBY from the following link…

I wish you a national holiday, an artistic holiday, whatever you like.