investing near 2024 Olympics venues, okay?

As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, the cities that host sporting events can benefit from economic development and investment with significant returns.

The 2024 Paris Olympics could well be a good home for investors. In any case, this is underlined by a study conducted by SeLoger and Meilleurs Agents and transmitted by Le Parisien. Rising prices over the past 5 years and shown rates of return can be a strong argument for investing in these attractive cities.

Can you see the effect of the 2024 Olympics or not? In any case, real estate prices have risen in all host cities since 2017, sometimes by 22.3% above the national average. Only the cities of Paris, Columbus and Boulogne-Billancourt have seen a slight decline in their prices over the past year, but still record attractive profitability.

According to a study by Se Loger et Meilleurs Agents, despite the fact that most of the events will take place in Paris, investing in the capital is not the most attractive option. The reason: too high prices, which reduce gross margins to 3.4%, which is one of the lowest in the table. According to the study, it is indeed Saint-Etienne, which receives the gold medal for best return from 9.4% of gross margin with a 27.6% increase in price over 5 years. . In 2024, the city will host several Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Seine-Saint-Denis, a must-see at the 2024 Olympics

However, the study notes that the department of Saint-Denis represents the “most attractive” investment opportunities, including the presence of the Olympic Village, as well as athletics and swimming. In the three cities of the department, Saint-Denis, Le Bourget and La Courneuve, profits were 5.4%, 6.5% and 6.7% respectively. The city of Saint-Denis will also host matches for another major sporting event to take place: the 2023 Rugby World Cup, including the opening and final matches.

If all the cities hosting the Olympics benefit from major urban development, the Grand Paris Express will also have a positive impact on investment. According to Le Parisien, Barbara Castillo Rico, head of economic research at SeLoger and Meilleurs Agents: “Extension of line 14 to Saint-Vienne and Saint-Denis, line 16, which will connect Saint Denis Pleyel station with Noisy Champs station, and line 15, which will run around Paris, will change the real estate landscape in the long run”. The expansion of the lines and the forthcoming opening of two new metro lines 16 and 17 have already raised prices around Bourges station, according to Le Parisien.

However, the study emphasizes that despite the attractive proposal for the effect of the 2024 Olympic Games, the latter remains temporary. It remains to consider the potential long-term evolution of the rental market. Cities such as Elancourt and Verse-sur-Marne, for example, have interesting indicators in terms of profitability, but the share of tenants there is also much lower (respectively 35.6% and 39.5% than in other more vacancies for rent outside the Olympic period. games remain a pitfall to be avoided.