“Investing in youth is important for our future”: Elizabeth Bourne praises the virtues of learning in Seine and Marne

Elizabeth Bourne wants to show that she is “at work” in the field. The Prime Minister, to whom President Emmanuel Macron has just regained his trust, visited Villages Nature Paris in Bahia Romenville (Seine-et-Marne) with Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt to announce the continuation of “1 Young, 1 Decision”. “, Friday morning.

“Apprenticeship is the key to young people being able to study, so we plan to increase the same allowance to 5,000 euros for a minor and 8,000 euros for a primary school student,” says Elizabeth Bourne.

According to her, this investment is a real success: “If in 2017 there were less than 300 thousand students, then four years later 730 thousand young people signed contracts for training in 380 thousand companies, this is a record.” Regarding integration, in 2021, 70% of students who started studying in 2020 found a job within twelve months of graduation.

Experience “to develop my self-confidence”

If the Prime Minister chose this tourist facility in the Seine and Marne, it is because forty young people study here for two years. Among them, Colline, who is now on a fixed-term contract, worked in the period from 2018 to 2020 on the basis of work-study at the reception of the reception point.

“At 18, I wanted to try professional experience to develop self-confidence before going to university,” said the 21-year-old. During a week at the company and another at the CFA center in Provin, she discovers life in the company: “At first I didn’t know how to behave, I was shy, and gradually I learned a lot. things, ”says the person who earned 600 euros, then 700 euros a month.

Baye-Romenville, Friday, June 24, 2022: Collin, 21, worked for two years on a work and study program at the reception of the reception center.
Baye-Romenville, Friday, June 24, 2022: Collin, 21, worked for two years on a work and study program at the reception of the reception center.

“There is a very family atmosphere, we are very close,” said the young woman. At the end of these two years, “I was offered a permanent contract, but I wanted to study at the University of Crete in the field of education,” continues the student, who decided to return to do the summer season. within three months of CDD. “I’ll be back again next summer to do the season,” she says.

“Here is the device 1 Youth, 1 Decision, it works! “Says Arno Pellette, the site’s human resources director. Of the eight students hired in 2020, two joined the company under permanent contracts, and two more, including Colline, under fixed-term contracts. The tourist complex is recruiting 25 new ones before the beginning of the school year in September for the kitchen, reception, entertainment and staff.

“We still have five positions to fill catering, service and rescue student for the bathing area. It’s very difficult to find anyone because of Covid, ”he adds.

After several months of closure during the health crisis, the site, which employs 250 people, reopened in May 2021. “With 1.1 million visitors, attendance has increased by 10% compared to 2019,” said site director Thierry Decorps.

The Accounting Chamber is alarmed by the financial impasse

The only downside, the Accounting Chamber recently pointed out in a report on the explosion of the bill for the device. The “undeniable” quantitative success was achieved at the cost of “doubling” the cost, but of little use to young people who have the greatest difficulty in finding employment, the magistrates stressed.

The forecast of 3.2 billion euros in 2021 – despite an exceptional subsidy of 2.75 billion – the deficit of competence of France, which finances, in particular, training centers (CFA) through company contributions, could rise to 5.9 billion this year , which will require further financial increase. To this criticism, the Prime Minister responds, “that investing in young people is important for our future, it is an investment that is worth what we do.”