“Investing in youth health – strong added value”

In his report on the contribution of the Ministry of Health to the qualification and integration of young people into economic life to members of the thematic working group on public policy assessment in the House of Councilors, Mr. Ait Taleb stressed that health authorities attach particular importance to adolescent and youth health. ensure their integration into socio-economic life.

He added that his department was working to ensure a multidimensional response, which relied on the combined efforts of all stakeholders to help this social group maintain its right to health, to actively participate in the ongoing development dynamics in the Kingdom.

In this regard, the Minister noted that investing in the health of young people is likely to create more wealth, starting with the fact that health is a prerequisite for increasing profitability and increasing value added, as well as it is a key factor in improving school performance and combating school drop-outs, stating that adolescents and young people make up a third of the Kingdom’s population.

Regarding the ministry’s approach to strengthening health and social security for the benefit of young people, Mr Ait Taleb said that his department supported the qualifications of young people by providing them with appropriate care, in line with King Mohammed VI’s entourage surrounding Moroccan youth. his high concern.

The ministry ensures the implementation of a nationwide school and university health program, which consists of several programs, activities and services provided in educational institutions, he continued, noting that these programs are designed to improve student health.

In this regard, he stressed that his department is currently focusing on enhancing the social dimension by adopting a number of approaches with the participation of all participants in the health and social spheres, taking into account the coordination of sectoral plans that are being implemented. with those that are being studied and planned.

The Minister noted that a number of sectoral projects are being implemented, which allows to accelerate the achievement of the goals of generalization of social coverage in the best terms and conditions.

The Ministry coordinates the inter-sectoral framework agreement on school and university health and youth health promotion concluded with the Ministry of National Education, Preschool Education and Sports, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communications, the Ministry of the Interior. Women, Family and Social Development and the Ministry of Mutual Donations and Islamic Affairs.

For their part, the participants of the thematic group welcomed the interest of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in social issues and health issues in particular and its efforts to develop the industry in general. pandemic.

The members of the thematic group also raised a number of issues related to the reality of the health care system in the Kingdom and the problems it faces, citing a lack of human resources, the disproportionate distribution of the health map between the regions and provinces of the Kingdom and the phenomenon of national health emigration. skills.

In this regard, they called for increasing the attractiveness of the health sector by financially and socially encouraging health managers to work in public health centers and provinces in need of staff, insisting on the need for public-private partnerships. , in order to eliminate the lack of human resources and adopt an effective regional health policy that guarantees territorial democracy between different regions.