Investing in SCPI online: seniors love it!


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If millennials and the younger generation of Z master digital tools and invest their money online, the elderly will not be left out! Gone are the days of clichés about the elderly who have not mastered the Internet, now the elderly invest in the Internet. More and more people are choosing to invest in real estate online to supplement their retirement through SCPI. Investigation.


Why do older people invest in the Internet?

Retirees in 2022 have witnessed a sharp decline in the profitability of traditional investments, such as life insurance in EU funds, as well as limiting or even reducing their retirement pensions. Unlike previous generations, there is more time for savings on the part of governments …

Moreover, modern elderly people are smarter than those who were before them. They knew the Internet during their professional activities, and mobile phones are a part of their daily lives.

Therefore, today’s elderly have every reason to seek to increase their savings to earn extra money, given the lack of solutions offered by traditional banks. And they no longer have the hurdle of investing their entire lives online.

Veronica Baron, founder of the Centrale des SCPI (, notes:

Older people make up a significant portion of our customers who call They often have significant savings and seek to sell real estate that they manage directly. They want to continue to earn extra income. And above all, they no longer hesitate to do everything online on the site Central SCPI

Why do seniors decide to invest their money in SCPI?

Retirement leads to a drop in income in relation to activities. Moreover, pensions are often overestimated in relation to inflation, and increases in social security contributions have led to lower pensions. Therefore, the elderly are often looking for extra income to increase their purchasing power and continue to fully enjoy retirement.

Real estate investment companies or SCPI fully meet this goal. This unmanaged property investment allows you to receive monthly or quarterly rent directly to your bank account.

SCPIs can pay rent of up to 6% less the amount invested. In addition, the share price may increase over time depending on changes in the real estate market.

Choosing to invest in SCPI is similar to investing in real estate, without having the main disadvantage of rent management. All this is provided by the management company. Therefore, the elderly, who do not want or cannot directly manage property, greatly appreciate the peace of mind provided by SCPI. Especially since they can easily keep track of everything online from their phone or tablet. “Explain Laurent Fudgessenior consultant with Central SCPI.

Where is it safe to invest in SCPI online?

To find quality and reassuring support, older people who want to invest in SCPI online can count on specialized companies with a high level of experience in the stone sector, as is the case with a leader in this field, Central SCPI (

Support is provided at no additional cost to the investor. A private consultant with pedagogy explains the work of placement and its subtleties.

Veronica Baronfor Central SCPIconfirms this:

SCPIs are investments that require excellent explanation as well as balance to make sure they are the right decision for the investor’s goals. We strive to make everything in full transparency for savers, and we establish a long-term relationship with the customer with very serious supervision. Without this, it seems unthinkable to build a relationship of trust. Our billboard, which can be contacted at 01 44 56 00 23, answers 150 calls per day».

For seniors who then want to invest online, they will take every step of the subscription process. There is no question of sending confidential documents by e-mail, everything is done with the help of SCPI-SIGN, a secure subscription tool developed in France.

As inflation returns and pensions are legal, older people are interested in continuing to take an interest in their savings. In this sense, SCPI is a great solution for attractive returns of up to 6%.

Feel free to use the tips and information on the site Central SCPI.


Investments in SCPI are not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital retention. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets. Before deciding to buy SCPI shares, consult with a professional to make sure that this investment matches your asset profile.
Finally, like any real estate investment, keep in mind that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum retention period of at least eight years.