Investing in real estate: in Mecca, KRYPTO STONE opens a new era

Environmentally responsible real estate investing, from very small amounts, from your mobile phone through ultra-secure technology, even if you don’t know anything about it, relying on the experience of a family-owned real estate company located in Mecca for more than a century: welcome to a new era real estate

“A revolution on the same scale as that caused by the advent of the Internet”

…this is how Laurent MAYE describes the appearance ” blockchain1“, digital technologies on which Metz KRYPTO STONE company created in February 2022… and this specialist ininvestment in real estate understood how significant changes would be as a result of this technology, including in his profession.

Press conference for the opening of KRYPTO STONE at Inspire Metz. on the left, Cédric GAUTH (president of the attractiveness agency), together with Jacqueline SCHNEIDER (right, elected responsible for digital technology and innovation) manages part of the KRYPTO STONE team: Léo CASAGRANDE, Laurent MAYET and Gary FLORIMONT.

With his like-minded people, they came up with the use of technology blockchain which allows anyone to have access to one or more investment in real estatefrom €50”, along with other investors to the largest or family groups, each of which distributes a profit proportional to the amount invested.

Each investment is based on the previous principle: strive for a “viable, livable and just, virtuous goal”while using the advantages of technology blockchain (read “explanation” below).

For him, two rules adhere to this principle: investments are only made only for building repairs existing provided that they meet the strict ecological characteristics,. Projects are selected by experienced professionals (the MAYER family has been working in real estate for a century in Mecca), who invest their own funds in them.

To strengthen their authority, KRYPTO STONE partners submitted an application 10 million euros on the table, and 10,000 m² have already been purchased in the Metz sector, a city that thus becomes the company’s laboratory.


Simply put, blockchain is a digital system that allows you to keep records of funds and ensure the rules of their use at the highest level.

When you invest, you invest in a blockchainwhich without possible errors guarantees their principles of use, and in return provides the investor with a digital plot of property (which is called ” NFT token2” ) all that is more real. Laurent MAYER explains into our microphone principle and benefits KRYPTO STONE and this technological choice:

This is the promise of KRYPTO STONE: to move into an environmentally responsible modernitycollective investment in real estate for any budget, based on the safest technology that guarantees passability (according to the principle called ” smart contract“), that the invested amounts are within clearly defined limits.

To remain virtuous in electricity consumptionKRYPTO STONE saved blockchain European “Elrond”, which has a number of advantages, the main of which is that it is carbon negative.

To learn more about KRYPTO STONE, click here.

The ever-growing digital ecosystem in Mecca

Many companies are active in the digital sector in the Metz area. Enough to create local jobs, innovative services for companies in all sectors, events and so on dynamics of apparent attractiveness far beyond the metropolis, which tends to grow stronger every day.

From the Eurometropolis of Metz and Cédric GOUT, president of the attractiveness agency Inspire Metz, we do not hide it pleased to see how Metz gradually concentrates talent and digital companies in general, and of these new technologies in particular, in the Messina metropolis sector.

Cédric GOUT explains to our microphone why and how the Inspire Metz agency supports and promotes this type of institution, particularly in the field of innovation and digital technologies, in the territory:

The technologies used by KRYPTO STONE include one of the great themes of the 10th issue of #GENevent business and technology for professionals, which will be held on September 8 and 9 in Metz3another key piece of the regional digital ecosystem puzzle, according to Cédric GOUT.

The KRYPTO STONE team will present their concept there and officially unveil the title counter. An approach that should give ideas to other entrepreneurs in your field activity Because if blockchain a truly great revolution that is quietly taking place, the challenge is not to miss this nascent wave.

(1) Blockchain: a method of storing and transmitting data in the form of blocks, linked to each other and protected from any changes. By extension: a database containing the history of exchanges made in the blockchain. “A virtual ledger that timestamps every transaction in an ultra-secure manner,” as Laurent MAYER describes it.

(2) NFT: Abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. In property law, “interchangeable” means: which can be replaced by a thing of the same nature as all those consumed in the process of use, and which are regulated by quantity, weight or measure. Thus, a non-fungible token is a unique token that cannot be replaced by another.

(3) Tout-Metz, one of the co-founders of which is an active member of the organizing association, is a partner of the #GEN event, the topics of which in 2022 will be “work in the digital age (recruitment, retention, efficiency improvement)”, “web3, metavers , Blockchain, Crypto and NFT: Technologies, Explained and Reviews” and “e-commerce”.