Investing in real estate in Dubai: what are the advantages

Por for investors, Dubai is a veritable paradise, especially when it comes to investing in the real estate sector. If you want to invest in Dubai but don’t know what field of activity to choose, note that real estate is the best option available to you. Are you wondering why? In fact, investing in real estate in Dubai has a lot of advantages. Let’s take a look at these different benefits.

Real estate in Dubai: very unique features

Although the city of Dubai can proudly claim as much, if not more, prestige than other major cities in the world, the city offers much more affordable real estate prices. Indeed, it is enough to make a comparison between real estate prices, particularly per m2 in Dubai and in other cities such as Paris, London or New York, to notice a significant difference. Similarly, Dubai’s real estate market is managed as efficiently as it is efficiently managed.

We highlight the presence of real estate agencies that offer real estate management services.Investing in real estate in Dubai. In this range of agencies operating in Dubai, Dubai Real Estate Agency has established itself as a reference brand. It offers you a full range of services aimed at ensuring that you get the job done perfectly investment in real estate. If you are determined and ready to invest in real estate in Dubai, make the right choice by contacting a reputable real estate agency such as Dubai real estate.

Real estate in Dubai: an extremely successful market

If there is anything that characterizes Dubai real estate market, this is his great performance. So, for example, in 2021, both investors and foreigners invested significant funds in the real estate sector in Dubai. This factor contributed to the attractiveness of the market and generated large financial transactions in this area. We have also seen a significant increase in demand for luxury apartments. In total, Dubai recorded over 60,900 sales in 2021, a 75% increase over 2020.

There is almost no taxation

When it comes to real estate investing, one of the biggest fears investors have is taxation. In most major cities, states impose tax systems that can be expensive for investors. Taxes affecting real estate transactions are varied and of great concern to investors. On the other hand, everything is different in Dubai.

As the city of Dubai plans to increase its population, it is betting on this, among other things investment in real estate. To do so, it does not apply property taxes, rental income or capital gains taxes. At this level, it is important to clarify that Dubai is the only city in the world that offers this fiscal advantages to their investors. This policy allows them to exponentially increase the return on their investment.

Completely safe destination

for invest in real estatesecurity is one of the criteria that investors usually take into account. Aware of this reality, the public authorities of Dubai have made every effort to make this city a completely safe place. World rankings of the safest cities show that both investors and residents of Dubai can rest on their laurels.