Investing in Gold: Valuable Tips from Alain Flantier de Mogenel-Consel

Investing in gold is quite difficult, but useful. To prove this, Alain Flantier, one of the prominent experts of, will share his secrets in this area.

Good evening, Alena, and thank you for accepting this interview.

Alain Flantier: Hello and thank you for this opportunity.

So who is Alain Flantier professionally?

Alain Flantier: I have a master’s degree Asset management obtained at the University of Paris Dauphin-PSL. I also have a master’s degree in economics. This last diploma allowed me to sign a contract for work and study GO. 6 months later I was lucky enough to sign a contract withEuropean Investment Bank.

I spent many years there, and it gave me a better understanding of stock markets. Obviously, in order to be able to advise their clients, it was necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis of assets. What led me to alternative investments, and finally to investing in gold. later came to me, and today I am part of their team.

In a 2020 interview, you described this precious metal there as indispensable. Why such insurance? How do you see gold as a safe resource?

Alain Flantier: Gold metal and I are more of a love story than money. My first encounter with yellow metal was while working at IDI. It was 1997 in Paris, and a gentleman named February was still investing his savings in gold. For 4 years, he clearly asked for his capital to be used to invest in gold.

This advantage of gold intrigued me, as this asset did not bring any capital gains during this period. It took a stock market crash in 2002 to understand his investment strategy. Indeed, his capital was intact, and better yet, he could start making a profit. It was just skillful!

Therefore, it turns out that gold is a safe haven. Investing in gold helps protect savings regardless of global situations. This is inflation, geopolitical instability or the collapse of traditional assets.

What a good story! Does this mean that gold allows some enrichment?

Alain Flantier: To answer rudely, I would say “yes” without hesitation! However, it is important to pay attention to an important point. In fact, investing in gold does not necessarily bring significant benefits from the start. On the other hand, there are ways to work to obtain capital gains in the short term.

Investment in gold – a long-term project. When I talk about the long term, I weigh my words carefully. Profit production is due to the mechanism of increasing demand relative to supply. Such a phase shift is possible only after events affecting the global economy.

From this we can conclude thatinvestment in gold becomes profitable when stock market players are afraid. They all flee to find refuge in the only alternative investment that guarantees them peace: gold. In a way, this is the main disadvantage of this type of investment. However, this does not justify the words of Patrick Artus, who said he hated gold.

Based on your development, will this mean that investing in gold is now the only way out?

Alain Flantier: Gold has always been the only way out for investors. He is the only one precious metal whose value reached 200% over a 100-year interval. This growing curve has not been broken by any economic or social disturbances. On the contrary, these are the keys.

Going back to our time, which stock market asset has not suffered any damage in the last 3 years? This is gold, of course! Despite the health crisis, high inflation and the conflict in Ukraine, investing in gold has never been so profitable. Therefore, it turns out that this precious metal is an ideal solution for all investors today and in the future.

In addition, investing in gold contributes to the best asset portfolio diversification. Better than Livret A, such capital investments provide good financial security. Under this strategy, the investor will assume only 50% of the risk.

We remind readers that you are currently working at Although there are many other players, why did you choose this platform?

Alain Flantier: Very good question! My choice for this platform is related to the quality of service and personalized support. Let’s start with the fact that this website is open to anyone who has reached the age of majority invest in gold. In addition to individuals, legal entities can also register. Registration does not entail the payment of any fees. This applies to various operations.

In this regard, all operations are performed online from a computer. These benefits are related to formal conditions. As for the essence, it should be said that entering the market can be done with a small capital. Coins or gold bars can be purchased for around € 1,200. They are more suitable than paper gold.

Better, thanks, profit can be obtained from the first 24 hours after purchase. All these functions are not subject to any administrative procedure. There is also a place to store physical gold in a free zone in Switzerland. In short, investing in gold on this platform is very comfortable and optimally safe.

But, in conclusion, what valuable advice would you give to readers?

Alain Flantier : Invest in gold! This is the only way save your savings and prepare for a prosperous future. Obviously, this advice is followed by another, which is to choose the right intermediary when buying and selling gold. This measure is important not to transfer your investment into incompetent or deceptive hands. That is why I urge all investors, including beginners, to choose

Alain Flantier, thank you for these valuable recommendations and for your time.

Alain Flantier : Please !