Investing in a retirement home or owning a retirement village is possible

Want to invest in real estate? The city of Dre offers great prospects, especially if you choose to invest in a senior residence or a retirement village. Programs are on sale now. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why invest in Dreux?

In November 2021, published a ranking of 10 cities “to watch closely” for real estate investment. Drew is one of them. It’s no wonder that this medium-sized town in the Aire-et-Loire (28), located about an hour’s drive from Paris, is the perfect place for city dwellers looking for a cozy nest. near the capital. The comfort of life is undeniable. Indeed, the environment, apart from being green, is attractive and lively rich historical heritage and many activities available to residents. Nothing to spoil, Dre is located in the heart of a valley washed by a magical river and bordered by a beautiful forest.

Another no less important advantage: Real estate investment in Dre is affordable. According to, the average price per m² is €1,550 with an average gross yield of 7.74% (figures: July 2022). In addition, the market has been stable for several years. The demand for rent is there, hence the fact that commercial activity is booming. Also, between Yveline and Normandy is Dre 2thousand the largest city of the department and has a variety of shopping centers such as Coralines and Bâtes. The city center is particularly dynamic thanks to numerous shops, restaurants, cafes and mini markets.

Dre: What if you invested in Domitys retirement home?

No doubt: seniors will appreciate it Quality of life suggests Dreux. That is why various projects of service residences for the elderly appear. The Elixir facility, managed by Domitys, is currently on the market with a planned opening date of June 2024. Now is the time or never for investors to get a bargain! 127 apartments are for sale (from studios to T3). It will be well thought out and adapted to the needs of the elderly. For example, they will be equipped with electric blinds, a shower cabin, an intercom…

In addition, the residence will havepublic places in free access, such as a restaurant, lounge, gym, wellness center and even a swimming pool, are enough to allow retirees to make the most of their free time. Thanks to this project and depending on your profile and your personal situation, you will be able to take advantage of different benefits fiscal advantages (LMNP, LMP status, Senzi-Bouvar law, etc.). Domitys makes every effort to guarantee you a reliable and efficient investment. Please note that T1 apartments in this senior residence are available from €138,500 excl. tax, T2 apartments from €166,500 excl. tax and T3 apartments from €212,500 excl. tax.

Dreux: New Sérénya Seigneurial Village for sale

Domitys is not the only player in the market that has chosen Dreux to establish itself. The real estate development company P2i together with Sérénya, an expert developer in the creation of residential villages for the elderly, have imagined “La Promenade Royale”, a village consisting of approximately one hundred homes for the elderly, which will open in December 2024. This concept differs from the previous Senior Residence because housing will be offered for purchase (free access or rental investment) as rent. In addition, the residence “La Promenade Royale” will be divided into two sat down : the first is intended for autonomous elderly people (70 housing units) and the second for dependent elderly people (38 housing units). Access prices will range from €164,520 for the T2 to €245,160 for the T3.

with Parahotel services (breakfasts, laundry, cleaning, etc.), concierge, entertainment and garden maintenance will also be offered to independent residents. Dependent elderly people will be able to use it daily support 24 hours a day, day and night, through personal assistance services: assistance with basic activities, mobility at home and outside, medical support, physical and cognitive stimulation measures … all a la carte. Finally, this Elder of the village will be giving pride of place to exchanges and social cohesion. It will be organized around the Clubhouse, located near the micro-nursery for intergenerational bonding, and will include a vegetable garden and pétanque court.