invest your profits and participation

In April-May you receive forms for participation and participation in profits. What do you prefer: to invest these amounts in an employee savings plan or collect them directly? Follow the leader!

Are you one of the approximately 11 million employees who benefit from the employee savings scheme? You have or will receive your newsletters for profit distribution and / or participation for 2021. So it’s time to ask yourself the right questions: collect these amounts or place them in a EPEand PER Collective or a PERCO ? Please note that the lock time is not the same!

Encouragement and participation: 15 days to make your choice

If the company closes its accounts on December 31, it must pay you your employee savings by May 31.

An option notification must be sent to you. Having received this information, you will benefit from a 15 day period to make your choice known.

Be careful ! If you do not receive an answer at the end of 15 days:

  • Your participation will be automatically divided in half in a EPE with a lock of 5 and a half years in a PERCO or one PER Team with inaccessibility to retire (if you have such plans in your company), except in cases of early dismissal.

Because of the PACTE law, you have the right to withdraw from the default participation for one month PER Collective.

Collect amounts directly: pay attention to taxation

If you do not want to block this money, you can return it in cash. But it will be subject to income tax. If you are not a taxpayer, this is not a problem, except that this amount will force you to exceed the tax threshold! And for taxable households, it all depends on your marginal tax rate (TMI).

Your prize is 2000 euros (after CSG and CRDS at a rate of 9.7%) and you decide to take it. After a 10% reduction in wages, 1,800 euros remain before tax. If you are taxed at 11%, you will have 1602 euros less taxes. If you are in the 30% group, you only have 1260 euros left…

You can also decide to combine these two options and thus save part of your bonuses and get the other part directly.

Did you leave your company in 2021? Take a “short tour” of EPE !!

We have a lot of questions on the site about this. As a reminder:

  • Your employee savings should be paid to you in proportion to the months spent in the company : if, for example, you left the company at the end of August 2021, you will receive amounts calculated for the first 9 months of the year.
  • You can place these amounts in EPE first, then initiate a case of early dismissal to terminate the employment contract. This makes it possible not to pay income tax on these amounts. You can also allow these amounts to grow if you do not have a short-term project.

Please note: if you save your plan after leaving the company, it is your responsibility to maintain the cost of maintaining your account. But since the Pacte law came into force, they have been limited to 5% of outstanding debt with a maximum of € 20 per year PERCO.