Invest in real estate piece by brick with SCPI

According to a famous English proverb: “a solid heritage of real estate is built of bricks of patience, and we can add bricks to real estate investment funds.” This means the legacy of real estate solid is built of patience bricks and that you can add bricks SCPI. Therefore, real estate is built step by step, step by step. Buying SCPI shares is suitable for all types of investors, both students and retirees, and gives them the opportunity to create a sustainable real estate portfolio in installments. Also, how to build a real estate portfolio on brick? This is the subject of this article.

Why investing brick by brick in productive SCPI is the secret of savers?

If Paris was not built in a day, the same goes for every real estate investor. Building a sustainable real estate portfolio takes time, years. To accelerate the pace, feel free to invest in REIT on credit. As the loan is repaid, the investor’s wealth will increase.

We must also not forget about regular purchases of SCPI shares. Over time, we can create a wonderful legacy. Thus, in terms of performance, the SCPI unit costs 200 euros, as in the case of SCPI Pf Hospitalitymanaged by Perial Asset Management, will need to collect 100 bricks to make the line of this SCPI for 20,000 euros.

Expert opinion: For Veronica Baronone of the founding partners Central SCPI (, the first French digital savings network: “It is appropriate to buy units of the first SCPI and then the second before investing in new units of the first SCPI. »

What bricks should be used to build a heritage estate made to order?

Brick applies to all materials: they are diverse. Thus, shares of office SCPIs, retail SCPIs, logistics SCPIs, healthcare and education SCPIs, diversified SCPIs, hotel SCPIs and residential SCPIs can be purchased.

SCPI health, for example SCPI Pierval Healthcreated Euryale Asset Management, and logistics SCPI such as SCPI Activimmocreated by Alderan, according to their thematic specifics are some of the best SCPI.

To create a reliable SCPI portfolio, you must also buy your bricks outside of France, the eurozone or the rest of the continent. European SCPIs, whose dividends are not payable on social security contributions at a rate of 17.2% for rents collected outside France, are thus a particularly strong building block for the further diversification of its real estate assets.

Tip: “Diversified European SCPIs, such as Immortal SCPI, created by Sofidy, is the backbone of the SCPI portfolio due to its reliability over 34 years for this SCPI. They are the first building block of any SCPI portfolio, ”he recalls Thibaut le Coalmanager inside Central SCPI.

Why is SCPI brick a wall to stop inflation?

SCPI with the best performance yields about 6% per year. This efficiency allows their partners to increase their purchasing power, which cannot be said of the owners of life insurance policies in euros or, worse, those who have A.

Moreover, the share price of SCPI can be revalued based on the results of expert assessments conducted by independent companies to determine the exact value of each brick, ie each SCPI.

Expert advice: “Because rental rates for SCPI rents are indexed to inflation, it is neutral in terms of efficiency for investors.” Gregory Moulinierfounding partner Central SCPI.

Where to invest in effective SCPIs to gradually increase your real estate assets?

Because we see a bricklayer at the foot of the wall, we will see SCPI specialists at the heart of each SCPI portfolio. With more than 200 different SCPIs on the market, it is not easy to separate wheat from chaff. Of course, you can read SCPI classifications and perform SCPI simulations, but because they are dated and not executed in real time, this is not the best solution.

Therefore, it is better to use SCPI specialists who independently distribute all SCPIs on the market to make their choice of SCPI. These consultants review all SCPI results and read each newsletter and annual report. Therefore, they are fully capable of finding the best SCPI for their clients. These SCPIs will be blocks of their SCPI portfolios, bricks that will improve over time.

Expert opinion: “We made an individual SCPI portfolio for one of our clients, allowing him to reinvest in SCPI the amount of the sale of his apartment, which he definitely wanted to part with due to additional management restrictions. more important, “he recalls Theo Darromanmanager inside Central SCPI.

Brick is an ideal material for building a building or house. Brick is also especially suitable for creating an individual real estate portfolio. These blocks are called: it is SCPI or, to be in harmony with the International SCPI, “bricks SCPI”.

To create a sustainable and efficient SCPI portfolio without mistakes, without stress and without any management constraints, it is necessary to seek advice from SCPI specialists, for example Central SCPI (, the first SCPI comparator on the market.

In conditions of shortage of building materials, professionals swear at bricks. This also applies to SCPI blocks, which collected € 2.6 billion in the first quarter, up 18% from the last quarter of 2021. Also, why not terminate your life insurance contract? 6% net per year for the best of them?

This way, you will have bricks in your eyes or, in English, “bricks in your eyes” if you invest in international SCPIs.


Investments in SCPI are not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital retention. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets.

Before deciding to buy SCPI shares, seek professional advice to ensure that this investment matches your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, keep in mind that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum retention period of at least eight years.


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