Invest in Canada Foreign direct investment to build our communities

What do Ubisoft, Siemens, Rio Tinto and Nova Bus have in common? Foreign direct investment, ie investing capital on Canadian soil by companies from other countries to consolidate or increase their presence at the local level. “We’re talking about companies starting subsidiaries and affiliates building factories that create jobs that drive the economy, community development and innovation,” said Mitch Garber, a Montreal businessman and chairman of Invest in Canada. Here is an overview of these benefits from coast to coast.

Published at 9:30 a.m.

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Creating stable and quality jobs

Half of last year’s foreign direct investment came from global companies already present in Canada. These data show that when such companies decide to establish themselves in the country, they stay there for a long time. In 2019, about 2.5 million Canadians worked in large foreign corporations. Example: the French company Ubisoft has eight studios in the country, including five in Quebec.

Ubisoft Sherbrooke

Usually foreign investment is aimed at attracting highly skilled labor, for example, in technology, programming or biotechnology. Thus, after many years of study, our young people get attractive career prospects that match their efforts.

Mitch Garber, Chairman of Invest in Canada

Enrich the local economy

In total, in 2021, 736 investment projects were announced with an average cost of $ 65.5 million each. And it’s not just Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver that interests multinational companies.

Canada is a collection of our cities and provinces, each with its own strengths. These are the people who make the Nova Bus buses in Saint-Estache and the materials for the future at Elkem in Sagen, not to mention Ubisoft’s mega-video game products in Sherbrooke, Piedmont, Chikutima, Quebec and Montreal.

Mitch Garber, Chairman of Invest in Canada

photo: Those Canadians

Bus Nova

Quebec’s special experience

Quebec does not lack such assets. Its port facilities along the St. Lawrence River, its culture and language make it an ideal springboard between North America and Europe. First of all, the province of Belle is known for its experience in many areas of the future.

Quebec is a true leader, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, video games, pharmaceuticals, energy and transport electrification. The entry of new foreign capital allows these sectors to develop even more.

Mitch Garber, Chairman of Invest in Canada

Canada as a place of choice

Canadians can be proud to live in an attractive place for foreign investment. Their country is already a world leader in many areas, such as agriculture, woodworking and energy. Foreign investment helps support Canada’s position in promising areas by funding innovation in areas such as green energy, advanced agricultural technology and manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, which is a key area for Quebec.

photo: Those Canadians

Elkem Sageney

Investing in Canada: A Source of Wealth for the Whole Country

Many cities and provinces have already been very well prepared to attract foreign investment. It was desirable to create an organization that would add a national perspective by identifying and attracting investment opportunities that would benefit Canadians from coast to coast. The federal agency Invest in Canada plays this role by promoting the country as a whole and then working closely with local stakeholders to facilitate meetings and agreements.

Our priority is to ensure that investments are made in the interests of the country, creating jobs and economic benefits for Canadians. We are looking for the best; sustainable and quality investments.

Katie Curran, interim CEO of Invest in Canada