In Geneva, Fabien Fischer defends a more stable economy

A year after being sworn in before the Grand Council in Geneva, State Councilor Fabien Fischer summed up on Friday. The ecologist claims that the Department of Economics and Employment is sustainable.

“We can no longer wait to change our concept of the economy,” Fabien Fischer told the press on Friday, summing up her first year as head of the canton of Geneva. The ecological transition is urgent, she repeated. “This is scientific evidence, not just a political position,” said the environment minister.

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Support for the ecological transition of companies

Among the achievements of twelve months in the Council of State, the head of the Department of Economics and Employment (DEE) cites the amount of 2.5 million francs allocated to support companies that are on the road.

Specialists will visit the plants to advise on how to reduce the impact on the climate, in particular by upgrading production equipment.

Measures for the unemployed in finance

Fabien Fischer also includes several targeted employment measures in his review. Launched in September last year, the Level + program, designed for unemployed people over the age of 50 with banking, financial or commercial experience, covered 145 people with a 35% return to work, says Fabien Fischer.

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The DEE chairman also has a No LimIT project that allows job seekers to overcome fears about using new technologies. This separate space in the Cantonal Employment Bureau (OCE), which has been operating since the beginning of March, has already received 727 participants, said Fabien Fischer.

Avoid sanctions against the unemployed

Another measure initiated by the state councilor: reminding the unemployed about appointments and deadlines via SMS and e-mail. The goal is to avoid penalties for errors and delays. More than 100,000 text messages and 100,000 emails have been sent since August last year. This system halved the errors.

There are no structural reforms yet

Surprisingly, in just one year, the state councilor was unable to initiate structural reforms. But in terms of employment, despite the health crisis, the canton’s unemployment rate has fallen from 5.5% to 4.2%, or about 3,200 fewer unemployed.

Finally, the State Councilor also wanted to revive social partnership during this first year at the helm of DEE. Thus, it facilitated the introduction of a standard employment contract (CTT) for ground handling at the airport, which includes support and temporary staff. This new CTT, which provides protection against wage dumping, will take effect on June 1.

Desire for a second term

Fabien Fischer, who was criticized for her relative prudence at the beginning of her term, would like to go faster in certain matters. Arriving in the legislature after the resignation of Pierre Mode, the elected green has already announced that it will run for a new term.

She will run for office, as will her party colleague, former Council of State member Antonio Hodgers. The Greens will nominate their candidates on May 21.

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