Huawei in Morocco launches 1st event “Huawei Intellectual Finance Summit in Morocco”

Turning to the topic: “Accelerating the digitization of finance”This large-scale event attracted more than 100 clients, partners and financial experts from national and international institutions to discuss new trends in the development of digital finance.

Led by a group of prominent speakers, the conference was structured around four important areas: strategy, business, technology and ecosystems. The event became a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between professionals in the field of digital and smart finance.

Focusing on the new challenges facing the world of financial services in the digital economy, all participants shared their successful digital transformation practices and initiatives for smart financing.

This first edition was complemented by the intervention of many Huawei experts, including Nicholas Yuanyu, Huawei’s director of the Mediterranean Enterprise Business Group, who said:

“As industries modernize and converge, the financial services industry itself is undergoing a transformation – operations are moving into the cloud – based on an ecosystem of connected devices designed for all scenarios. In this environment, Huawei seeks to accelerate the intellectual and inclusive transformation of financial services and create an open ecosystem of intelligent banking services that integrates finance with technology. »

For his part, Munir Susi, Huawei’s Vice President of Clouds and Artificial Intelligence in Africa, highlighted Huawei’s position as a leading provider of flexible and intelligent cloud solutions to the financial sector: “Huawei aims to be a strategic partner in the digital transformation of the financial sector. Thanks to its experience and the latest innovations, Huawei is supporting its partners in this key sector to transform their closed ICT systems into open cloud platforms based on artificial intelligence, thus enabling them to obtain intelligent funding. ”

El Mehdi EL Jair, Executive Manager for FSI Decisions, for his part, stressed the need for banks to move to Banking 4.0: “A bank today able to meet the new challenges facing traditional financial institutions, whether in terms of the arrival of new competitors such as BigTech or changes in the habits of financial services. Today, this bank of the future is a bank that uses new technologies, such as the cloud, BigData or artificial intelligence, to introduce new business models, such as lifestyle finance or embedded finance. ”

Three important Huawei strategic initiatives were announced during this important meeting of intellectual finance. They seek to transform financial institutions into fully equipped enterprises based on the digital ecosystem:

  • Encourage institutions to take full advantage of cloud strategies to accelerate digital and intellectual convergence by creating a truly flexible platform.
  • Deepen digitization in all industry scenarios to improve secure and secure data transmission, unleash the potential value of big data and increase affordability.
  • Facilitate the integration of different SaaS products (software as a service) to create an open ecosystem for all scenarios.

The first issue of a unique event “Intellectual Finance Summit in Huawei Morocco” fully meets Huawei’s perspective of supporting its customers and partners in the joint development of full and intelligent financing.