How to successfully invest in rent in France, despite the distance?

Are you planning to invest in renting real estate in France from abroad, but the geographical distance is holding you back? Discover solutions for safe, secure and profitable investing, regardless of distance.

Why invest in real estate in France?

Whether you expect to retire to secure the future of your children or earn extra income during the exile, invest in rent in France, desirable placement of the French abroad, largely profitable. Stone is indeed a very safe, profitable and particularly resilient safe haven in the face of financial market instability.

The French real estate market, dynamic and busy in many cities, is promising high demand for rent and very attractive profitability. As for interest rates on loans, they currently remain very favorable (1.27% in April 2022 *).

As a non-resident investor, you also benefitvery interesting tax benefitswith the LMNP (Non-Professional Furnished Rental Company) system, which allows you to significantly reduce taxes or even completely exempt from tax on your rental income.

No matter what, between geographical remoteness, time differences and ignorance of the market, one investment in real estate in France from abroad is many obstaclesespecially if you are a first time buyer.

Thousands of kilometers from France, it is really much more difficult to find objects that meet your criteria and respond to a market that is changing at breakneck speed. Then the project can become very exhausting, long, stressful and even risky if not done properly.

The key to successful investment in rent, despite the distance

To overcome these numerous limitations and to protect your real estate investment in France from abroad, it is important that you are accompanied by trusted professionals who specialize in investment rentals for expatriates.

For 10 years of existence, ImAvenir has supported expatriates from around the world in their real estate rental projects in France, Paris, Greater Paris and the regions. The company offers you turnkey solutions and to order so you can safely invest from abroad.

From property search, through home optimization to rental, ImAvenir takes care of everything.

It all starts with a meeting video or by phoneto define your goals, wishes and criteria (geographical area, type of property, profitability, budget, etc.)

Profitability hunters will take care of the choice for you the best market opportunities and offer you a property that perfectly meets your criteria.

Thanks to a wide network of business acquaintances, ImAvenir also offers you exclusively non-market goods. In this way, you can position yourself as a priority in a placement that has not yet been seen by the general public.

In addition, you are supported in administrative procedures, and notarial procedures are carried out by power of attorney.

Once a rare pearl has been found, the team is involved architectin order to optimize and replan the space in order to maximize profitability and rental income.

Further work is carried out skilled craftsmen, then to attract the main tenants and optimize the rent is high-quality construction of the house.

Then the ImAvenir team will take care of it rent out your property with a reliable tenant. You can also delegate full rent management of your home on a daily basis (visiting, studying files, inventorying fixtures, signing a lease, etc.).

Throughout the process, you follow the progress of your project from the country of your expatriation, without going on a trip.

With ImAvenir, You save 250 years your time compared to renting investments made on your own!

To ensure the success of your investment, you are advised at every stage by an experienced professional, an expert in the local market. The latter, therefore, directs you to cities with high potential and advises on how to rent and the type of real estate you want to get.

Investing in France from abroad with ImAvenir is a guarantee of safe, calm, fast and profitable investment, on average profitability from 4 to 10%. !!

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* Source: CSA Housing Credit Observatory