How to invest in real estate with a small budget?

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Real estate, a good idea in conditions of inflation

Traditional investments have been looking gray for several years, but in 2022 the situation is catastrophic. Livret A, life insurance, current account: the French have never lost so much purchasing power investing in these products.

Why do they continue to trust these savings solutions? Simply because they are not offered a simple solution! As a result, they view investment issues as something difficult or out of reach for them. But the good news is that there are finally reliable, affordable and easy ways to invest money in different ways, and that’s exactly what French company Mon Petit Placement offers with its real estate portfolio!

The Lyon fintech allows you to invest your assets in SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) with measured risk. This investment was developed together with an investment fund called SRI (sustainability and responsibility) and Finansol (solidarity financing). In addition to an investment that demonstrates a target performance of 5% on average over 8 years, you commit to recycling waste in cities. Indeed, after the crisis caused by Covid-19 and the rise of telecommuting, offices are empty. The SCI Mon Petit Placement portfolio therefore works to transform these professional spaces into housing that can be provided free of charge to associations or collectives.

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Real estate portfolio in SCI from €500

With Mon Petit Placement you can invest in real estate and get additional income from 500 euros. After downloading the app, opening an account takes only 10 minutes. Then you can gradually build capital according to your means. Mon Petit Placement consultants are available 7 days a week via chat, email or phone and are ready to develop a customized investment strategy. In addition to SCI’s real estate portfolio, each investor can access an investment program whose level of risk and return corresponds to his wishes. Forecasts of around +3% for the Voluntary Portfolio, +5% for Energetic, +8% for Ambitious and +12% for Fearless, the solution shows the most potential over the long term, but also the most risk. Your capital is always available, you are free to close everything whenever you want. In terms of commissions, Mon Petit Placement only receives commissions, which are deducted only when the investment is profitable. With the code CAPITAL, take advantage of a 30% discount on commission results during the first year at Mon Petit Placement.

30% off with code CAPITAL

Investing in stone when you don’t have any deposit: now it’s possible with Mon Petit Placement’s SCI real estate portfolio. For its first investment of this kind, the company from Lyon offers you a reliable and promising product.

By participating in the financing of urban recycling, you will have a positive impact on our society while increasing your savings. Grow your wealth even faster with the code CAPITAL, which offers a 30% discount on commissions.