How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming safer and more profitable. Learn how to invest and include them in your portfolio Cryptocurrencies are attracting more and more attention. With strong currencies and more robust security systems, what was once considered an adventure has now become a great investment option. But, in the end, how to buy cryptocurrencies? Not like traditional money. Because cryptocurrencies operate independently of the Central Bank of Brazil, the Ministry of Finance and other government agencies, they are not traded on exchanges as national currencies. That’s why it’s important to know yourself and where to find them. Read a step-by-step guide on how to purchase them and include this asset in your portfolio.

1. Learn more about cryptocurrencies

The first step in buying any cryptocurrency is to obtain information. Although it is not always given due importance, the stage of researching the asset and the market environment in which it fits is important. Ultimately, this ensures that you do not fall into a “sunken canoe”, including the fraud that exists there. As for a broker you can invest in, a good Google search is a good start. Obtaining an assessment from other investors is important to learn more about the company and whether it is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). It is also important to research the cryptocurrency itself. Creating a digital currency is not difficult, but laying a good foundation is another (much more complicated) story. Fluctuations in cryptocurrencies are related to supply and demand, but it is important to know whether there is consistency in the asset, or, in other words, whether it will not “break”.

2. Consider different ways of cryptoinvestment

The most common type of investment is the direct purchase of cryptocurrency. If you want to buy bitcoin, for example, you will deposit a little over BRL 200,000 for the company and they will act as an intermediary in the purchase. (No need to “collapse”: exchanges sell units.) Another way to trade – peer-to-peer transactions: on specialized sites you can buy cryptocurrency from others without intermediaries. But this is a dangerous option, because in these cases, fraud occurs.

3. Start trading with the selected broker

If you have already researched the topic and chosen the ideal assets for your investor profile, it’s time to choose a trader and “get your hands dirty”. In this sense, there are certain criteria for making this decision. In addition to history and reputation, a good operator should be convenient in terms of withdrawal, deposit and transfer fees, have financial limits adapted to your profile. Look to the side Click here. This is a time when investors are often “taken by surprise.” Usually, for example, it is decided to withdraw the value of the asset after excessive swing, and the cost of commissions makes the transaction unprofitable, or the trader allows to withdraw a quarter of the cryptocurrency for free, but pays only at least half of the crypto. Did you choose a good operator? Huge. The next step is registration. Some exchanges require you to submit personal documents, while others simply require you to fill out an online form. You will find that in addition to a strong personal password (uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols), there are companies that work with tokens. These devices make access more secure; so keep in mind that it will take some time to activate this step. After registration, you can transfer money to the platform and start trading. This can be done through a program, website or desktop system.