How to avoid mistakes before investing in SCPI?

Publishing and editorialSCPI, four already well-known letters that investors have kept on the tips of their tongues for several years. And not for nothing! The profitability of “rock paper” is enough to make traditional investments green with envy, for example, the life insurance fund in euros. Insolent health, from which you want to start. However, what pitfalls should be avoided when investing in SCPI? How not to miss the first purchase of SCPI? From whom to buy SCPI? Reply.

Quick reminder: what is SCPI?

To understand the “madness of SCPI”, you still need to know what SCPI or Société Civile de Placement Immobilier is. It’s just a company that will buy several buildings and rent them out. Individuals who invest in SCPI will receive SCPI units in return.

Thus, the owner of SCPI shares has the right to receive rent received from SCPI real estate, without the need to invest the world’s smallest funds in management. All relations with tenants are carried out by the so-called management company.

Simplicity, lack of management and profitability of up to 6%, SCPI has it all. Especially since they are relatively affordable compared to buying a rental apartment.

The size of the real estate portfolio and its good diversification provide, on the other hand, better control over real estate risk than with a traditional investment with a single tenant.

“We have worked hard to promote SCPI investments. If investors are not fully open to investment today, the fact remains: many are wondering with whom to take the first steps in SCPI. explains Lionel Benham, founder of La Centrale des SCPI, the largest SCPI platform on the market (

Wrong step № 1 to invest in SCPI: invest in your bank

Very often customers turn to their bank to make their investments. A natural reflex, but which can cost a lot in terms of productivity and choice! Banks offer only a very limited SCPI panel compared to the wealth of the global market.

Therefore, to open the whole market, covering more than 200 SCPI, it is better to turn to hyperspecialists, such as, for example, Central SCPI ( / The appearance of a true placement expert also allows you to benefit from a full explanation of how SCPI works to invest while being well-armed.

Wrong step № 2 to invest in SCPI: do not diversify

There is an old saying that you should not “put all the eggs in one basket.” If SCPI carries out strong internal diversification by investing in several dozen buildings, it is possible to further improve diversification by selecting several SCPIs.

Central SCPI Thus, ( was a pioneer in inventing the concept of a portfolio with multiple SCPIs! By mixing multiple SCPIs, an investor can benefit from the dynamics of multiple markets simultaneously and even multiple geographic areas, as SCPIs also invest across Europe! And precisely because this platform links to all SCPIs, it has the freedom to create the most relevant SCPI portfolios.

Fault № 3 for investing in SCPI: do not look at ancillary services

There are many clients who have invested in SCPI and then find themselves at large without any real control. Who says that investment without management does not mean investment without monitoring!

Therefore, specialized companies have created a range of services related to subscription to SCPI shares. All without additional costs for the investor. To Central SCPIclients benefit from a number of portfolio monitoring tools, a private advisor available 6 days a week, and maintain their tax return each year.

“During tax returns, we get a lot of calls from people on who are helpless because they bought their SCPI shares from an actor who is not following and no longer knows who to turn to. To avoid this for our customers, we establish strong relationships that are long-term and personalized. “ explains Lionel Benham, founding partner Central SCPI.

Invest well in SCPI: choose a reliable partner!

Therefore, to start and invest in SCPI, you need to choose a stable, reliable partner, as in the case of Central SCPI which has been supporting investors for the first time in more than 10 years. This gives the investor an educational explanation of the investment

SCPI Madness is not going to stop given the appetite of investors for this investment, which brings up to 6%. Good in these times of inflation, when the purchasing power of money deserves protection.

Warning: lInvestments in SCPI are not guaranteed both in terms of dividends received and in terms of capital retention. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets. Before deciding to buy SCPI shares, consult with a professional to make sure that this investment matches the profile of your assets. Finally, like any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum retention period of at least eight years.

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