How Cryptos PilotTM helps you invest wisely in cryptocurrencies

The article is published by Cryptos PilotTM

It’s cultural: the French like to save safely. As EU funds dwindle, they are turning to other more lucrative assets, including cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies), which appeared in 2008 along with bitcoins. Globally, since its inception, this market has collapsed several times: in January 2018, in April 2021 and now in November 2021. However, Cryptos Pilot, a startup created in 2021 that specializes in copy trading, helps novice investors to invest in this market safely. The startup has developed a savings-adapted trading strategy that combines security and productivity, allowing capital to remain virtually unchanged even in times of high volatility. Learn how Cryptos Pilot’s careful approach delivers the best results.

Cryptos Pilot democratizes the copy trade

Cryptos Pilot has developed a copy trading product that provides maximum protection for invested capital and provides better performance than traditional savings. Copy trading is one way to invest in the cryptocurrency market, along with a “buy and hold”, long-term and illiquid storage strategy, delegation of a portfolio with high commissions and a classic “trade” reserved for a few experienced experts.

“Cryptos Pilot offers savers interested in this training and tutorials on” secure cryptocurrency trading “to quickly open and protect an account on the Binance trading platform”

Copy trading is copying the orders of an experienced trader by subscribing to them through very accessible distribution channels. Thus, subscribers can certainly perform efficient operations, but at the same time are exposed to a double risk of security and loss of capital. Conversely, Cryptos Pilot’s strategy, while being very careful, guarantees excellent protection for its customers’ capital, which remains available at all times. A one-time subscription to the service is 2490 euros per year. Cryptos Pilot offers savers interested in this training and tutorials on “secure cryptocurrency trading” to quickly open and secure an account on the Binance trading platform. Thanks to this cryptocurrency training, customers can start investing in about a week and from almost any banking institution. Launch provides installation assistance and customer service. Savers can sign up for an additional service from Cornix, which specializes in copy trade automation. This service allows you to apply the Cryptos Pilot strategy directly to the client’s account without any interference from him. Thus, investors who wish have controlled savings management: once the account is protected and set up, orders placed by the Cryptos Pilot trading team are directly reflected in their account, automatically adapting to the amount he initially invests.

Guaranteed security

To ensure a high level of digital security, Cryptos Pilot asks savers for double authentication (2FA). To compensate for price volatility, Cryptos Pilot uses a smart management strategy, which is to introduce only 1% of the capital in each transaction (exchange). Startup crypto traders receive a moderate but stable income.

“To overcome price volatility, Cryptos Pilot uses a smart management strategy, which is that only 1% of the capital is placed on each transaction (exchange). Novice crypto traders earn moderate but stable profits

That is why in this unstable period the Cryptos Pilot portfolio changes very little and protects the capital of investors. Cryptos Pilot is not personalized investment advice. An identical strategy is offered to all subscribers regardless of their profile. Each saver chooses the amount he wants to allocate to his wallet Cryptos Pilot.