Frederic Udea: “Quality training and diverse careers”, company news

How do you motivate your employees and how does it affect the company’s performance?

The Societe Generale Group has defined and implemented a strategy that is as ambitious as it is demanding. Successful execution of this strategy depends on supporting teams and mobilizing them on a daily basis to support our customers, operations and projects. Therefore, we consider it important to carefully and regularly listen to the needs and aspirations of employees and optimize the entire work environment accordingly. In particular, we pay close attention to the quality of the work experience. That’s why we strive to offer a safe, productive, friendly and respectful work environment at all our sites. We also promote the development of new working methods (hybrid, agile, etc.). We also unite individual and collective energy around our commitments of solidarity in favor of youth integration through sports and culture. It is a source of pride and motivation for our employees. In addition to work experience, we ensure the development of the skills of our employees. That’s why we offer high-quality training programs, as well as a variety of career paths adapted to the projects of employees. This may include disruptive experiences (e.g. international mobility, intrapreneurship, interim management, etc.). Finally, our remuneration policy aims to ensure the integrity, attractiveness, commitment and long-term loyalty of our employees.

What, in your opinion, should be the role of your company in society and what measures have you taken in this direction?

Our goal is our compass: “Together with our clients, we build a better and sustainable future by providing responsible and innovative financial solutions. » As a bank, we are responsible for financing the economy, supporting project initiators and, therefore, accompanying the essential evolution of our society towards a more ecological and inclusive development model. By supporting our customers, we participate in the energy transition; we support urban development and sustainable infrastructure; we promote green mobility by playing a leading role in fleet electrification through our subsidiary ALD. Our goal is to contribute EUR 300 billion of sustainable funding over the period 2022-2025.

What is your social and/or social priority for the next twelve months?

Currently, the Societe Generale group continues to implement its main strategic projects that create value and set them apart for the future (the creation of a new retail bank as a result of the merger of the Societe Generale and Crédit du Nord networks, the acceleration of the development of Boursorama, the creation of a world leader in mobility thanks to the merger of ALD-LeasePlan, etc.) , while accelerating the integration of CSR issues and digital innovation in all its businesses. Thus, our priority is to responsibly manage the social, human and technical aspects of these transformations and development projects. The group also aims to make a useful contribution to society. Committed to solidarity finance for a long time, we created, for example, Cristal Solidarité, the first structured product for charity on the market, with a donation linked to any subscription. We have also launched a new generation of savings (NGE) with eight environmental funds and twelve SRI labeled funds that address ESG issues. We also work with young people through our corporate fund Societe Generale “C’est vous l’avenir”, which supports associations and accompanies them on their journey, allowing them to access construction sites or companies. an entrepreneurial project to gain know-how and life skills that will reduce their barriers to working life. We also support educational projects through music and sports – two areas in which Societe Generale has gained legitimacy as a patron and long-term partner.

Quality education and a diverse career

Quality education and a diverse career