France should invest more

What is I4CE?

I4CE (Institute For Climate Economics) is the Institute for Climate Economics, which presents itself as ” Expert of the association on economics and finance, whose mission is to promote action against climate change “.

It is an initiative of the Caisse des Dépôts and the French Development Agency.

On Friday, June 24, he released a document ” Giving ourselves the means to adapt to the effects of climate change in France: how much are we talking about? “.

“Negative Effects”

The Institute for Climate Economics defines adaptation as everything that can be done to anticipate the negative consequences of climate change and qualify appropriate measures to prevent or minimize the damage that these consequences may cause Therefore, this term does not apply neither to the cost of climate change damage nor to the needs associated with the economic and social changes required by policies to combat GHG emissions “.

Lack of prediction

In France today we continue to react a lot, often urgently, for example after an episode of extreme weather, but do very little to prepare for the effects of climate change. Or we announce measures in a somewhat opportunistic way, without considering everything we can do to adapt “, notes Vivian DepuyI4CE project manager.

18 events

There are a number of concrete actions that can be taken now to better prepare for the effects of climate change. “, Vivian Depu assures. I4CE ” identifies 18 measures in line with national policy decisions that could be adopted in the next draft financial law totaling €2.3 billion for an additional year “.

“Very specific”

This amount” not so big if you see that it covers all sectors of adaptation to climate change. These are very specific measures “, explains the head of the I4CE project. This involves, for example, a revision towards increasing the budgets of a certain state policy (…), the creation of special envelopes for changing the coastline in conditions of rising sea levels, for the transformation of the city, for better construction of buildings … “.

“This is the minimum”

But Vivian Depu assures that ” 2.3 billion euros per year, this is the minimum, this is the main thing. Eventually, adaptation is also a societal choice that will have to be made “. Then he gives the example of school buildings: We may decide that running the tank through 40°C is not serious. We may decide to postpone the date of the Baccalaureate or we may decide to invest heavily in the renovation of all secondary schools in France in the coming years “.


The 18 activities stem from 11 “projects” identified by I4CE, including “Management and coordination of adaptation policies at national, regional and local levels”;

“Sustainable protection of water resources”;

“Prediction and prevention of the impact of climate change on health”; “Strengthening civil security policies to monitor the expansion of risks”;

“Maintaining the level of natural risk prevention despite climate change”;

“Rethinking Cities to Combat the Human Heat Island Effect.”


There are other construction sites

“Consider the climate of the future when constructing and renovating buildings”;

“Guaranteeing the sustainability of vital networks and infrastructures: transport, water, energy”;

“Supporting the recomposition of coastal areas in conditions of sea level rise”;

“Protecting forests and preserving the services they provide” and

“Supporting the diversification and transition of the economy of mountain countries.”