Financial services. RCI Finance Morocco becomes Mobilize Financial Services

RCI Bank and Services, a commercial brand that combines all the financial services of the Renault Group, has now inherited the name Mobilize Financial Services. A new commercial emblem that meets all the requirements of car mobility for customers of Renault Group brands, namely Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize. This also applies to RCI Finance Morocco, Financial captivity of the Renault Group in the Kingdom, which now uses this new trade name to implement, if not strengthen, its development strategy individuals and professionals for all needs of car mobility.

Renault Group continues its roadmap in accordance with the strategic plan “Renaulution”, presented in January 2021 by Luka de Meo. The head of the diamond company has lifted the curtain on the ambitions of four “business units” of the automotive group, namely Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize, a new brand dedicated to mobility and energy services.

“Mobilize supports the Renault Group’s service ambitions, especially in terms of mobility. The transition to electric vehicles will speed up the value chain around mobility and services, ”said Vincent Howill in his introductory speech at a roundtable discussion. As Mobilize Financial Services Chairman and CEO (Morocco) reminded us, Mobilize’s “business unit” revolves around a complete ecosystem that combines the best of technology, engineering, design, or even finance, fueled by Renault’s experience. The group, as well as its startups and various partners.

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And Mr. Howill continues: “Mobilize is much more than a mobility offer. Far from the traditional vehicle-focused model, the brand promotes a model called Vehicle as a Service, namely an integrated offering of vehicle, technology and services.

How is RCI Finance Maroc positioned in this new ecosystem? “RCI Finance Morocco, like RCI Bank and Services, has every legitimacy to bring its experience in the UK to the Mobilize brand in terms of financing and services in the Kingdom, a strategic commitment and desire to accelerate the development of the Groupe Renault concept. “Transport as a service,” adds Vincent Howill.

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Although the deployment of the Mobilize Financial Services brand is gradual in the countries where the group operates, the corporate name RCI Banque SA will not disappear; the same applies to RCI Finance Maroc, which is still relevant today. However, all products and communications that will be promoted will be displayed under the Mobilize Financial Services label.

It will be recalled that since 2007 RCI Finance Maroc has been supporting customers of Renault and Dacia sales networks in the Kingdom. An organization that has always offered financing, service and insurance solutions to meet all customer needs. This has led, in particular, to the introduction of many car financing formulas, which have facilitated access to mobility for both individuals and professionals.

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“Thanks to the Mobilize Financial Services environment, we will continue to support this need of customers in Morocco in terms of access to mobility. We have real knowledge about our customers, regardless of whether they are individuals, professionals, or our dealers, so we have a real right to give them answers to their questions, “said Vincent Howill.

While Mobilize Financial Services in Morocco is actively working on several key topics that can guide its development strategy in the short and medium term, including those related to mobility solutions available to everyone, developing digital business paths for customers, optimizing fleet management companies, the gradual electrification of the Renault and Dacia brands in the Kingdom and connected vehicles, the new brand, which is being promoted by RCI Finance Maroc, intends to act strategically on three main levers that meet customer expectations.

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According to Vincent Howill, the first concerns the professional market, including the long-term lease market, which will allow companies to optimize the operating costs of their fleets. The second axis of accelerating development is the used car market, for which Mobilize Financial Services in Morocco intends to deploy tailored financing and services to its customers.

The third lever concerns the optimization of the “single shopping” system, which already exists and is present on all commercial platforms of the Renault and Dacia brands, which saves the customer many trips and procedures to transport a simple and integrated shopping experience. An expanded system that will include, in particular, Mobilize Financial Services in Morocco. It is enough for customers to take advantage of a global mobile solution that can protect them in the daily use of their car.