Expectation has always been a model of our thinking

The birth of the European space will allow us to reconnect with growth, while building a zone of peace and freedom. Seeking to fully understand the economic world, the initiative of its founder Paul Toussaint and his team laid the foundations for the independence, ethics and unity of the financial profession. Thus, our predecessors had a certain sense of anticipation. Just as they were able to do in the 1970s, animating real economic reflection, in particular on the status of the liberal professions and the lives of companies with the social partners.

Having experience in economic and social activities, my predecessor Roger CHIPOT will make the profession of financial expert adviser known and recognized by organizing a major convention in 1992. Wanting to protect his business, he created the first RC Pro insurance contract for business consulting professionals. Also under his presidency, CNCEF gained popularity among government agencies, institutions and professional partners, even outside the world of figures. Adhering to the interprofessional approach that today forms the basis of our Group, he was able to bring together the advice of financial experts, lawyers, jurists, chartered accountants and auditors. European, he participated in the creation of the European Federation of Financial Advisers and Intermediaries (FECIF), of which the founding member is CNCEF (1999).

The turn of the 2000s

The 2000s, marked by the advent of the single currency, intensified the globalization of trade. Financial professions, as well as business consulting, specialized, which prompted us to create a training system that still sets the standard. Then the state created the conditions for private and professional asset management. Based on our previous considerations, which have greatly contributed to the regulation and control of the professions of financial advisers, we established the CNCEF Patrimoine in 2005, approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). From that date, it combines both capital management advice and institutional advice within a professional organization that maintains independence in the service of the consumer. It has been headed by Stefan FANTUZ since its foundation.

The emergence of a real group

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by European and French law, CNCEF has expressed concern about developing the skills of its members in the face of the complexity of regulations and ever-increasing consumer demand. Through the diversification, recognition and separation of financial professions, we wanted to meet the need to support professionals and individuals by creating a variety of affiliated associations. Thus, CNCEF Crédit was established in 2011. Currently headed by Christel MOLIN-MOBIL, he represents professionals in various financial professions – IOB SP. In 2014, I had the honor of launching CNCEF Immobilier for real estate professionals. CNCEF France M&A, for its part, was established in 2018. It brings together business transfer professionals, led by Mark SABAT. In 2019, the legislator initiated a reflection on the self-regulation of insurance intermediaries. Thanks to its experience in CIF regulation, CNCEF gave birth to CNCEF Assurance, also headed by Stefan FANTUZ.

Facilitate financial intermediation

For 65 years, CNCEF has never stopped promoting the finance profession to make it more prominent in the economic and political environment. Thanks to the organization of symposia, conferences, publications and events of national and international scale, it has always been a place of reflection, helping to improve professional skills. Since then, financial experts, lawyers, consultants, accountants, scientists and politicians have become interested in our work. The goal, which has been maintained for several decades, has always been to participate in the reliable financing of the real economy. That is, one that connects women and men with each other and ensures their prosperity.

That is why today we are forming a real group that represents all assets, as a leading consulting firm in France both in terms of our history and our know-how. Because anticipation has always been our model of reflection, management. Moreover, it is for this reason that we have made this the central theme of our Assises on June 29th. At the crossroads of financial intermediary professions, this annual meeting is now seen as a time of quality training, a meeting of interprofessionalism at the service of liberal professionals in the fields of investment and heritage, insurance, credit, investment real estate and business development. We also hope that these meetings will bring debate and reflection. Because finance is undoubtedly in transition in a changing economic world. She encourages all financial advice from experts to adapt. In particular, thanks to the power of advice, which the CNCEF group sees as an opportunity to develop the added value of different types of business. So let’s anticipate!