Daniel Gravier: “XTB is a world-renowned stockbroker offering its clients a first-class investment platform”

Who is XTB? Introduce the company in a few words.

Daniel Gravel: XTB is a globally recognized stock broker. Our goal is to offer our clients a first-class investment platform where they can find different investment solutions – real stocks, ETFs, as well as CFDs on cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities – all on one platform. XTB is committed to providing its customers with the best trading experience.

How many people invest in the stock market today?

We have observed a global trend and growing popularity of investing in the stock market in recent years. Until recently, low interest rates, the rise in popularity of online tools and the lockdown during the pandemic gave would-be investors more time to study the financial markets – elements that likely encouraged people to enter the investment market. Faced with rising inflation, investors have learned that they need to go beyond relying on risk-free assets such as bank deposits. Therefore, some of them decided to start investing using other products. We want to meet these needs by offering a modern, easy-to-use and fully customizable online investment platform.

Daniel Gravel: XTB is a global financial technology company. As technology is one of the most important elements of the investment and finance industry today, we want to offer our clients a first-class investment platform.

What are XTB’s short-term goals?

We want to continue our development and global expansion of the company. Thanks to intensive marketing activities and the development of business partnerships, we constantly strive to attract new customers. This has led to continued growth, with XTB’s worldwide customer base recently exceeding 500,000. With active global growth and continued customer growth, the company ranks among the top online brokers in the world – according to the latest Finance Magnates report. , we just entered the top five global brokers by the number of active clients. We also want to continue expanding into global markets, not just Europe, which is our home market. Indeed, last year we opened an office in Dubai to cover our operations in the Middle East and North Africa region. Today, we have representative offices in 13 countries.

What is your business model?

XTB is a global financial technology company. As technology is one of the most important things in the investment and financial industry today, we want to provide our clients with a first-class investment platform. In addition, we strive to provide the best customer experience, so we are constantly improving our trading app according to the latest trends and solutions. Everything we do is focused on customer satisfaction, and most importantly, our 250+ IT professionals make regular changes and improvements to the platform every month.

One of our main goals over the past few years has been to focus on the complete customer journey with XTB. Opening an account is intuitive and we make every effort to ensure that our customers open an account as quickly as possible after completing all the necessary formalities. When the account is ready to use, we provide our clients with the highest level of service, world-class analytical and educational resources on local and global markets. We are committed to making xStation one of the most reliable and functional trading applications on the market.