Cryptocurrency: Lieplimal’s case is being revived in the Central African Republic

(Business in Cameroon) – In the Central African Republic (CAR), Global Investment Trading is turning. Global Investment Trading, a company specializing in cryptocurrency investments, better known as Liyeplimal, and its promoter Emile Parfe Simb (pictured) are suing Cameroonian courts as subscribers, including for fraud.

Indeed, Central African Justice Minister Arno Jubaye Abazene, acting on behalf of the CAR government, filed a direct summons with the Bangui Criminal Court on 7 June for “a crime of disrespect to the head of stateThe complaint is aimed at Cameroonian journalist and activist Remy Ngono and his colleague and compatriot Sabin Ntsama.


According to a direct quote, both defendants “deviated from the ethics of their noble profession in order to outrage unfounded accusations, peaceful bodies complaining, making subjective and erroneous analyzes, are unfoundedduring a private online broadcast.

The Minister of Justice of Central Africa accuses Remi Ngono of claiming that Mr Tuadera was using his position to protect international criminal organizations such as Lieplämal. In a video posted on his Facebook page, the journalist portrays the president of Central Africa as the godfather of a mafia cleverly organized by Mr. Simb.

Arno Jubai Abazen criticizes Sabina Hortensia Ntsamu for saying that the President of Central Africa will be prosecuted because he believes “accomplice in fraud, fraud, international fraud, facts classified as criminal in the United States“.”The President of Central Africa supports Mr. Simba, it is officially … the President of Central Africa is involved in concealing fraudulent products, bleaching products“, she would add, according to the Minister of Justice of Central Africa.

New nationality

In view of these facts, the Minister of Justice asks to convict the two defendants and to compensate the damage in the amount of 50 million FCFA. But Lady Ntsama has already released a press release from Canada to say that she does not see what her slanderous remarks are about.

To understand this case, it should be noted that at about the same time as Lieplimal’s promoter was arrested and then released on bail in Cameroon, the Central African Republic provided him with a diplomatic passport stating that he would purchase a Central African national. Moreover, Emile Parfe Simb is now represented by Central African officials as a special adviser to the President of the CAR National Assembly. Thus, the latter was sent on a mission in June this year to represent the CAR at an economic forum held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The law of April 22, 2022, which regulates cryptocurrency in the Central African Republic, made this country the second country to legalize bitcoin after El Salvador. Therefore, the developer Liyeplimal, which specializes in investing in cryptocurrency, can be useful in leading this project.

Sylvain Andzongo

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