Cryptocurrencies are entering the traditional financial market and gaining momentum

Cryptocurrencies have long existed as a kind of isolated enclave of the traditional world financial system. But with the influx of institutional investors and growing interest, the line between the two worlds has begun to blur.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly offering their customers new services similar to those in the world of traditional finance, such as options, futures, high-end savings account equivalents, profitability, or even bank cards that can be replenished with cryptocurrency.

Crypto platforms take advantage of the growing popularity of digital assets and occupy niches that previously belonged entirely to banks and brokers. And they are successfully moving forward because they better understand the interests and needs of users, especially young audiences. They offer them a low entry threshold and a variety of features and services.

Money transfers offered by hi are free, even if they are cross-border.

Hello Is a recent all-in-one super application focusing on a wide range of financial services, from simple currency transfers, debit cards and payment gateways for sellers to cryptocurrency trading, not to mention cryptocurrency derivatives. digital assets.

If you compare hi with various financial services popular with users around the world, a large number of features are instantly striking. hi combines the main characteristics of payment services and trading and investment platforms.

Hi users can easily make instant transfers to other accounts through the web application, mobile application, as well as chatbots in Telegram and WhatsApp. Money transfers are absolutely free, even if they are cross-border. This feature differs favorably from the pricing policy of money transfer giants such as Paypal.

The hi app allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card or bank transfer in fiat currency. You can transfer US dollars, euros and other fiat currencies (GBP and HKD) directly from your bank account and convert them into any supported cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, LTC, at actual value. In addition, unlike most other platforms, hi has all the necessary tools to work with both traditional and digital currency. This means that users do not have to have a bunch of financial applications on their smartphones to manage different assets. Now everything is combined into a single multifunctional application.

Hi users are assigned IBAN personal accounts, so they can instantly deposit, send and withdraw euros and pounds via the SEPA and FPS networks. For example, they can receive their salary directly to their hi account, instantly transfer to the accounts of friends or relatives, or invest to save, spend or invest. It works just like a regular bank account, to which most users are accustomed. In the coming months, Hi should support more local equivalents for personal IBAN accounts.

The hi app allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card or bank transfer in fiat currency.

hi cannot be considered a super-supplement if it does not offer investment instruments. Hi, users do have access to services such as high-yielding stacking products that offer their owners a soft way to increase their digital assets by simply blocking them for a period of time.

hi offers two stacking products, a fixed return program and a flexible return program. Fixed steak products bring their owner up to 40% APY, depending on the crypto rate and the blocking period. Refunds are paid weekly. The best option is to keep native hi (HI) tokens in your wallet for 365 days.

Flexible futures offer up to 11% annual income on USDT and 5.5% on ETH, which is paid weekly. The difference with urgent products is that there is no blocking period and participants can withdraw their funds at any time. Currently, participants in the Flexible Earnings Program also receive additional rewards for their ETH or USDT contributions. If cryptocurrencies contributed to flexible stacking products have been sent from a Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi or wallet to hi, their owner will receive bonuses paid in HI.

The more cryptocurrencies sent, the higher the bonus. If $ 1,000 is sent from these wallet addresses, 5% of the deposit will be paid to HI as a bonus. If $ 10,000 is sent, the bonus will be twice as high. And sent 100,000 dollars give their owner a 20% bonus.

Hello it is a “new word” in the financial market. This is not a special service focused exclusively on niche, buying and selling cryptocurrencies, transfers or just investments. The next step for the fintech industry is to combine several services into one program, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency world. hi is a super application that combines functionality with a simple and intuitive user interface (UX).

WARNING: This article is promotional content and is not investment advice. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.