Crypto and decentralized finance: the American state is making history

Nothing else works! – Forfor the first time in historymoney from the pension fund (subject to approval of the decision) is directed to decentralized finance (Challenge). The investment director The Fairfax County Police Pension System in Northern Virginia, Fr. conference organized Milken Institute, take a step towards decentralized finance. Fairfax County already has positive liability with the world of cryptocurrencies. Part of the district’s funds has already been invested crypto and blockchain startups. However, to log in productive agriculture is part of a much larger initiative bold Again.

Defi yes but gentle

Everything is on time, especially when it comes to DeFi for Virginia County.

Catherine MolnarFairfax County Police Pension Pension Investment Director says he wants to allocate a small amount of money to a hedge fund that partially operates a DeFi farm. Access to county cryptocurrency and blockchain funds remains limited due to embryonic stage of the sector. However, these investments are surrendering please managers who delve into this experience.

So far, so good 7 crypto projects that the pension fund is invested. According to Catherine Molnar at the Milken Institute Global Conference, 2 new hedge funds cryptosphere-oriented should receive part of their capital.

Statement of the availability of a pension fund on ocean, which is DeFi a little hasty with the facts. As mentioned earlier, only part of the funds comes by itself 8% is allocated to the sector will be housed in a hedge fund that operates in part growing crops on DeFi. That’s why we are a little far from the revolution in the world of pension funds. However, this small step is actually there today the first in the world.

Appointment of a pension fund in these investments – is to succeed in making a profit before 9%. This performance will replace (better) a classic fixed return. Needless to say, the pension fund will not get on the pancakes to make a cake.

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DeFi worries more than one

Illustration of stress of certain regulators on the background of DeFi

“All investments are associated with risk, and this is no different. However, the Fairfax team determined that the expected return on this product was commensurate with the level of risk. It also played a big role in the amount invested. I hope this will help you, our members and stakeholders better understand this process. ยป

Jeffrey Weiler, CEO. Source:

Following this statement is a must have worry more than oneFairfax County wanted to clarify the topic and calm down most reluctantly. Fairfax County Executive Director Jeff Weller issued a explanatory note on the official website of the county government. The note briefly describes what the investment consists of popularization of the blockchain aspect. She relativize also risk. In fact, this risk is not unique to DeFi, but it is common to any investment.

This news should delight crypto enthusiasts because of the symbol it carries. For the first time in the history of the village decentralized finance attracts the pension fund. His image Wild West 2.0 turns out calm. This move by Fairfax County could mark the beginning of a A new era that, crossing his fingers, eventually normalizes investment in Challenge. Note that the position of the Fairfax Pension Fund is also there especially commendable him transparency.

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