Crowdfunding: Tudigo speeds up and recruits

Tudigo welcomes this: his repositioning is a success. In the first quarter of 2022, a community of investors from the Bordeaux crowdfunding platform mobilized eight million euros for the development and growth of thirteen French companies. “It reaches almost the same amount of funding for the quarter as for the whole of 2021.”rejoices Alexander Lane, President of Tudigo.

Diversification strategy

Launched in 2012 in Bordeaux, Bulb in Town offered only a donation platform to fund traditional businesses, including crafts and catering. “In 2018, we launched crowdfunding, but since September 2020, we have really accelerated.”, explains Alexander Lane. Donations now cover less than 5% of projects posted online. The platform offers 70% of capital investment projects and was launched in January 2022 in real estate crowdfunding. “This is a short-term investment of 6 to 36 months, which consists of investing with promoters with a return of 8 to 12% per year. If we launched it, it would be to allow investors to diversify their investments.

Bordeaux Koregraf is completing a € 7 million financing operation

Another development: the platform supports more and more innovative and technological companies whose ambitions are to participate in the shocks of the economy of the future, with projects that combine economic sustainability and environmental impact. The amounts collected also range from several thousand to one million euros. Several projects have already exceeded the symbolic threshold of one million. Brasserie and Gironde Pub, the Mira franchise raised more than two million euros, the Iron Body Fit gym raised almost 1.2 million euros, Thess 1.6 million and Rev Mobilities 1.6 million.

“We are addressing an unmet need because very few players are financing the initial funding for Serie A in the amount of 300,000 to two million euros. Therefore, we provide solutions for this financing in a relatively short time with a load of four to six weeks, creating a leverage effect. For example, by raising through our platform, Rev Mobilities, which develops and implements solutions for the conversion of electric vehicles, thus received a bank loan of 7 million euros. This opens co-financing, “says Alexander Lane.

13,000 projects were supported

Tudigo, which has supported more than 13,000 projects since its inception, receives about twenty business files a day, but saves only four or six a month. “On the other hand, we monitor companies for five years, during which we send reports to investors,” warns Alexander Lane. Investor fees are not charged. On the other hand, the investment project manager pays Tudigo the administration and the commission for the success of the funds raised. The size of the commission can vary from 6 to 10% depending on the complexity of the project or the amount you are looking for.

To sustain its growth, Tudigo, which employs about 30 people in Bordeaux and two in Paris, is recruiting about ten people for investment advice and sales.