Club Finances is expanding its offer

The financial club introduces innovations. To better support financial managers and players in the field of public finance, the club continues to enrich its editorial offer, now access to exclusive choice of local and national key indicatorsproposed in partnership with La Gazette OpenData to know and compare the financial and demographic data of each area.
Six topics were selected: budget, debt, endowments, economic ratios, taxes and income, local taxation, to which is added the topic of population in the territories, which allows you to compare financial performance with the demographic dynamics of your community.

This data, taken from the most reliable databases (produced by Insee, DGFiP, DGCL, etc.), will allow you to determine public finance policy, compile forecasts, estimates and budget reports, and help predict future changes in your territories.

These indicators support you, in particular:

  • Assessment of budget needs for financial managers
  • Update PPI (Multi-Annual Investment Plan) for managers or administrative assistants
  • Preparation of an activity report for those responsible for management control
  • Development of a budget base for DGA resources.

In addition, Club Finances now offers exclusive access for its subscribers to 5 works on public finance : These books are created Territorial publications are available online in a 100% digital version that can be viewed.

  1. Understanding local finances: an important tool for understanding the mechanisms and problems of budget execution.
  2. Create your own financial dashboards: a complete set of financial metrics for reliable and relevant financial dashboards.
  3. Development of effective management control – For greater territorial efficiency: Acquisition of an effective decision-making system.
  4. A guide for elected budget delegates: all the tools to work quickly and efficiently.
  5. Certification of local government accounts: problems and tools of reliability

Finally, Club Finances is consolidating its offer Financial practical letters with 4 sheets per month, directly available for consultation, or downloaded in pdf format, on the Club’s website.

And, of course, always included in your subscription, file archive, access to all Club Finances content and services, monitoring and analysis of local financial news, official texts and ministerial responses, a community forum reserved for subscribers, and live and replay access meeting of the “Finance Club”.

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