Charles Rosie, cosmetics in the medical research service

Published April 29, 2022, 6:04 p.m.

“The Augustinus Bader brand was born as a result of my meeting with Professor Bader in 2013 over dinner. Augustine is one of the pioneers in the study of stem cells, he was the first in Europe to receive the Department of Tissue Engineering. So I looked for a way to support him. At the time, I was working in finance and supporting medical research, including Etienne-Emile Ballet’s work on the spinal cord. I thought that Professor Bader’s research might join Professor Ballet’s research.

Clinical Trials Fund

“In medical research, and especially in biotechnology, one step is particularly expensive: it is the advanced stages of clinical trials. The envelope easily costs several million euros, which is difficult to obtain in the traditional way of donation. Therefore, it was necessary to find a mechanism for self-financing. However, as part of his work on cell regeneration, Augustinus in 2008 developed a powerful restorative gel that has proven itself in severe burns and avoids skin grafts. I asked him about the possibility of turning the gel formula into an anti-aging cosmetic. Noticing that this was the case and that the profits from his marketing could fund research, I embarked on this adventure.

Charles Rosier persuaded Professor Bader to sell the cream, the proceeds of which would be funded by his research.

Charles Rosier persuaded Professor Bader to sell the cream, the proceeds of which would be funded by his research.© THOMAS CECCHELANI / STUDIO ACIDE for Les Echos Week-End

Two subsidiaries of research and cosmetics

“It took me two years to convince him to start a company and sell the product. We started in 2016. I quit the bank I was a partner with, sold my assets and started financing the brand with my own money. We have established two subsidiaries, ASC Skin Therapeutics and ASC Regenity. The first is dedicated to medical research, and the second to the production of products launched under the Augustinus Bader brand. Jacques Weir, founder of the Impala investment group and former chairman of the Louis Dreyfus group, joined the adventure in 2016. Having invested 15 million, 3 million in medical biotechnology and 12 in the brand, he allowed us to prepare for the launch of our first product. , continuing research and clinical trials, my own funds become insufficient. Two years later, we entered the market with La Crème, available in two textures. In the formula we find TFC8®, this complex developed by Augustine and is the source of the famous healing gel.

Great dynamics

“We were immediately successful, so much so that we were able to quickly launch a range of skin care products: body and hand creams, serums, eye contours, facial oil, cleansing balm… Our last two launches, from late 2021 to the beginning In 2022, it is a soothing cream for weakened skin and a complete hairline. Today, the brand is growing by more than 100%, we are present in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, which account for 60% of our turnover. And we continue to exist in Asia. Thanks to this charitable dynamic, Professor Bader and his team continued their work. They have been used to treat neurodegenerative diseases, as well as to restore the spinal cord or serious lesions caused by severe diabetes. At present, their research focuses on personalized intravenous therapy. At the same time, Augustine was able to establish a fund designed to support hospitals and patients with small treatments.