Chargeurs has the luxury of acquiring Skira Editore, company news

Chargeurs, a historic specialist in the protection of materials and technical textiles, confirms its taste for luxury! The industrial group, which with its division Chargeurs Museum Solutions (CMS) has diversified into content creation for cultural institutions and brands, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of 80% of the capital of Skira Editore. On this occasion, the Chairman and CEO of Chargeurs, Michael Fribourg, was able to describe in detail the purpose of this acquisition, recalling the prospects of the French company founded 150 years ago.

Business transformation towards luxury

This acquisition materializes the turn of the Chargeurs group into the luxury sector “, – the presenter begins, because Skira Editore is above all” a cultural luxury brand “. It operates in four areas: the publication of high-quality works of art, the production and management of temporary exhibitions, the creation and management of museum bookstores and, finally, the co-production of cultural audiovisual content (films, documentaries). An Italian company is coming complete the portfolio of services from CMS, which claims to be the world leader in ready-made solutions for museum development (design, creation of immersive effects or audiovisual content, etc.).

Skira’s publishing business allows museums to go beyond the stages of creation and renewal, and therefore will improve their relationship with CMS. The TP Icap Midcap firm notes that the acquisition strengthens CMS in the temporary exhibition market and opens up prospects for development in the Middle East and the US for Skira, which is mainly present in Europe. With a turnover of 15 million euros, Skira Editore will allow CMS to cross the bar of 100 million euros in billings this year (it was 4 million four years ago). And the prospects are promising, according to the CEO, and already ” three years of order fulfillment in this activity. »

in pricing power at the core of the group’s strategy

The operation accelerates the pace, which was already good in the first quarter, when sales jumped 12.6% to more than 200 million euros. Painted performance structurally growing demand “, associated with ” significant pricing power”, – comments the manager. ” This ability to integrate rising costs into selling prices is at the core the core of the group’s strategy, long before the arrival of inflation “, – emphasizes Michael Fribur. In the segment “Protective films” (temporary protection of surfaces), the price effect is materialized through the clauses on the automatic transfer of the increase in material costs to the sender’s price (for example, for polyethylene).

PaaS (product as a service) development, i.e. selling services around products, also adds value and strengthens pricing power to the group This also applies to the “Luxury Materials” subsidiary, which supplies high-end merino wool to textile companies in addition to a blockchain-based tracking system. The latter guarantees the origin of the fibers that make up the clothes and gives Chargeurs a comparative advantage, whose customers, like the Stella McCartney brand, are concerned about sustainability.

At the same time, the transformation of other activities of the group continues, in particular in the division “Fashion Technology”, which specializes in interline and which is now developing fabrics with technical characteristics known as “active wear”. The Health division, which led Chargeurs’ performance during the health crisis, sees its future partly in high-quality human products. Thus, the group’s portfolio is based on active markets, which should allow it to exceed a turnover of 800 million euros for the financial year.