Chairman of the Finance Committee: Will Macron blow up a new dam?

What does the law mean?

In accordance with Article 39 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly; ” may be elected Chairman of the Committee on Finance, General Economy and Budgetary Control only by a member of a group that has declared itself in opposition “. Obviously, the chairman of the finance committee does not have to be from the largest opposition group, but from the member of the opposition group that receives the most votes, as this is an election.

What are the powers of the chairman of the finance committee?

In addition to the honorary nature of the function, the chairman of the finance committee determines the agenda of this committee, in particular when considering the draft budget. And he can ask the tax returns of companies or individuals. This point is particularly sensitive, as tax secrecy cannot be opposed to the presidents of finance committees, the National Assembly and the Senate. One can imagine what the transfer of tax data in the hands of the president of the Finance Committee on Extreme Rights can give. If greater transparency of tax information is needed, then within the current framework, personal tax information can be used for purposes that are far from democratic. Conversely, the chairman of the finance committee, which is committed to combating tax evasion and protecting tax justice, would be good news.

What is the role of the finance committee?

The Finance Committee oversees the accounts of the state (its members have access to a certain amount of information, even if the president has more, as mentioned above), in particular on the reforms that the government wants when deciding on the annual budget. . All purchasing power documents should be discussed by this committee. Finally, it acts as a control over the state budget, may require the opening of a parliamentary inquiry commission, reject amendments, or even require thematic reports from the Accounting Chamber.

Article 145 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly also provides for the possibility of establishing standing committees, which include the Finance Committee, to establish temporary constituent missions. These commissions have the power to listen (eg ministers) and may request the National Assembly to exercise the prerogatives of commissions of inquiry (powers of control over documents and on the spot, hearings under penalty of danger, right to communicate) for a specific mission limited to 6 months.

In general, the Finance Committee monitors and monitors the implementation of financial legislation and evaluates any issue related to public finances. In this work, the President, as well as the Rapporteur-General and the Special Rapporteurs, play a special role. Given the composition of the new National Assembly, this is a strategic position.

What are the political issues?

If the RN applies for the position of chairman of the finance commission, the NUPES with the original design, consisting of several opposition groups and intergroups, can legally and legally apply for it. On paper, the LR group can also, even if it has fewer elected members, be only the 3rd group. Thus, legally, each of these groups, as well as other opposition but less important groups, can nominate a candidate.

A majority group is usually abstained during this vote. In this case, this function will be entrusted to a person supported by the largest opposition group. Mathematically, it could be RN or NUPES, at least if the intergroup decides to nominate only one candidate. Another unprecedented alliance may also arise to block RN. But this could be supported, in particular, by the deputies of the Republic of Latvia, some, on the contrary, may believe that the position belongs to the RN … Negotiations are underway. They can outline future alliances.

Therefore, it will be especially instructive to see the attitude of deputies and groups that support Emmanuel Macron. as they cannot apply for the position of chairman of this commission. Will they change their habits to avoid the election of a member of the RN (Eric Wert, chairman of this committee during the previous parliament, thus stated that he ” dangerous “allow RN or Insoumis to be elected) at risk” Choose »Their opponents with a certain complicity in the case of a choice in favor of LR? Will they consider that this position cannot be transferred to either RN or LR (3e group) and play a republican game, allowing opposition MPs to vote, which can help NUPES? Or we will hear talk again that we should block NUPES, which, in this case, would mean no longer blocking RN, the same ” barrage what allowed the election of Emmanuel Macron?

Therefore, this election will not be trivial… Especially since in the context of the Finance Committee will have to do a lot in terms of financial bills, initial or changes, control over budget execution, purchasing power measures and more.