Cac 40 opposes US GDP cuts in first quarter, market news

Focusing on corporate publications, investors barely reacted to the unexpected decline in US GDP by 1.4% in the first quarter, in the first approach, against the expected growth of 1%. If the statistics hardly deviate from the Fed’s new monetary orientation, a reduction of 0.75 basis points seems out of the question. According to the first estimate for April, inflation in Germany reached a new record high of 7.8% for the year.

Bernstein analysts called the European earnings season stable in the first quarter, adding that 61% of companies reporting so far exceeded expectations. As yesterday, car and technology stocks are driving the market. The good surprise left by Meta is considered reassuring at a time when US “high-tech” profits are being closely monitored following the frustrations caused by Netflix and Alphabet. Apple and Amazon will be the last of the Gafams to publish their quarterly reports tonight.

About 15 years Bedroom 40 increased by 1.02% to 6510.90 points with a business volume of 1.35 billion euros. Contracts future on the American indexes rose by 0.7% for the Dow Jones and 1.7% for the Nasdaq 100. better than expected results and announced an increase in the number of daily users of the social network, which exceeded expectations.

The euro continues to fall against the dollar

Volatility in financial markets remains high due to the uncertainty created by the war in Ukraine, the prospect of a sharp tightening of monetary policy by the Fed and the risk of a slowdown in China’s economy caused by “zero Covid”, which paralyzes several major cities.

The dollar exceeded the threshold of 130 yen for the first time since 2002, as the Bank of Japan kept its rates and target bond yields unchanged, against the trend of other central banks. For its part, the euro is trading at less than $ 1.05, the lowest in five years, in part due to the cessation of Gazprom’s gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.

TotalEnergies’ profits tripled

Capgemini increased by 4%. SSII confirmed its goals for 2022 after recording an acceleration of its growth in the first quarter. In the current financial year, it still expects to increase its turnover at constant exchange rates between 8% and 10%, an operating margin of 12.9% to 13.1% and the creation of organic free cash flow in excess of 1.7 billion euro.

Dassault Systems collected 4.5% thanks to a note from Barclays, which went from “online weighing” to “overweight” in the name of the publisher of software to help 3D design. Other technological stocks follow the example Soitec (+ 7%), World line (+ 5.7%) and STMicroelectronics (+ 2.1%).

The second weighing of Cac 40, TotalEnergies 4.2% wins. The net profit of the oil group in the first quarter tripled to $ 9 billion. He also plans to increase the share repurchase to $ 3 billion in the first half of the year from $ 2 billion earlier. She also announced that she had transferred $ 4.1 billion to her accounts in connection with the Arctic LNG 2 liquefied natural gas project in Russia following European Union sanctions against Moscow.

Albioma jumped by 15.6%. The renewable energy producer has reached an agreement with private investment company KKR & Co to take it over at a price of 50 euros per share, plus a dividend of 84 cents, which will be paid in cash. The offer is a 51.6% surcharge on the March 7 price, the latest not affected by market speculation about KKR’s interest in Albioma.

Solution 30 a drop of 11.5%. The new technology service provider recorded a drop in operating profit for fiscal year 2021, which ended in late March. Gross operating profit decreased by 23% to 82.4 million euros, and adjusted operating profit by 33% to 40.8 million euros.