Buying parking spaces is a good way to increase your income?

At a time when there are fewer parking opportunities in the city, buying parking spaces for rent can be more profitable than traditional real estate investments.

Contrary to what one might think, there is investment in parking. ” financially available for almost all budgets. For a few thousand euros, but even less than 10,000 euros, you can buy a parking space, while the apartment is often much more expensive, “- says Alexander Lasharm, author of the bookInvest in parking lots adding: “This always more profitable than to leave your money in the bank. ”

“Parking space will cost a minimum From 5,000 to 7,000 euros. So for that price you can have either a very small space on two wheels, this is also the first one I bought in a big city, or in a slightly more rural city. Or a place really in the countryside for 7,000 euros. And it can go sometimes up to more than 50,000 euros in the best quarters of big cities “, – the author explains in We are here!

It is then rented “from 45 euros for a two-wheeled car in the city, to a maximum of 300 euros for seats in very popular, very prestigious areas, on large areas. But on average, parking, it’s a hundred euros in France. “

Ads work by word of mouth

Parking spaces can be found on online ads between individuals or professional ads. “You can also buy parking lots at auction, you can ask your notary. Sometimes they (notaries, ed.) Have access to parking spaces. And then word of mouth, the caretakers of the building, everything works, ”says Oleksandr Lasharm.

When you look at advertising, “you need to know a few things. For example, today, if it is a condominium, You should look at paying for a condominium which are often written off quarterly. And it’s good when they do less than 20 euros or so, ”warns the authorInvest in parking lots.

Can I invest if I do not have a permanent contract?

You can join this adventure if you do not have a permanent contract or you are retired. “If you have savings, inaction of savings in this case, it is in your interest to invest them in real estate and in particular in parking lots “, – the author explains. If you have CDD or that you have a training contract, “sometimes you can make a loan several thousand euros to buy a parking space. “

This guy investments also “just manage”: there is no work, as for the apartment. “So, it’s very simple: if it’s a closed box, sometimes you just need to change the front door. If it is an open garage, there may be a roof. But most often, when you invest in a condominium, and it is. – “Open” places, there, are markings on the ground. You should apply a layer of paint only once every ten years, ”adds Oleksandr Lasharm.

There is not necessarily a maximum return, it depends on how you use it. It depends on whether you put the car, whether you put two wheels. I know that all the big French cities are interesting, even Paris, ”admits Oleksandr Lasharm.

Is this interesting in terms of taxation?

If you are buying your place as an individual, this is so taxation of property income. “So it will be a very simple calculation, it is your marginal tax group based on your income and social contributions,” he explains.

“You can also buy real estate and parking through the company through SCI. And in this case you can choose subject to corporate tax optional. In this case, it will be taxed less, “adds Oleksandr Lasharm.

But there are drawbacks: most people buy direct, so yes, it is taxed. But if you make a good deal, it will always be profitable. “ he concludes.

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