Bevouac or turnkey rental investment excellence

Support from property search to rental

IInvesting in real estate is long, complicated, and often stressful. Based on this observation, Martin Menez and Pierre-Antoine Meunier decided to found Bevouac in 2017 with the mission of simplifying rental investments. They run a comprehensive service that includes finding properties to rent, including financial, legal and tax arrangements, as well as monitoring work and furnishing.

Today, Bevouac brings together all the business expertise to support people at every stage of their project, even remotely. A turnkey rental investment concept that allows investors to save an average of over 250 hours of work.

The best opportunities in the real estate market

Because successful rental investment starts with a good location, Bevouac combines data analysis with field expertise to identify cities, neighborhoods and streets with high potential for rental investment. Thus, the company has selected eight promising cities (Marseille, Lyon, Havre, Nancy, Rennes, Angers, Saint-Brieux, Dijon), but soon intends to expand its services in other regions of France.

How do they find the right deal, real estate nugget? Bevouac experts in the field select only 1% of the properties they visit based on more than 150 selection criteria. Thanks to a strong network of professionals built up over several years, they get the best opportunities even before they officially enter the market. Investors will then be offered a preview of so-called “off-market” properties that they would never have access to if they invested on their own.

Individual consultations according to the profile of each investor

Where to invest? How to finance my project? Which tax to choose? How to rent your property? The rental project is unique and depends on the situation of each investor. That’s why Bevouac experts always start with an asset audit to determine the investment strategy to adopt. It is through a good understanding of the investor’s profile (objectives, investment horizon, risk factor, financing options, etc.) that he will be able to provide the best advice and make the rental investment that suits them.

Because opportunities are rare and advice is personalized, Bevouac only supports 40 investors per month. The choice is motivated by the demand for quality, which allows Bevouac to guarantee accommodation excellence.

Guarantee of successful rental investment

You won’t become a real estate investor right away. A first investment can quickly go wrong: a misjudgment (rental demand, yield, risks), an overlooked detail (hidden defect, co-ownership rules, DPE), etc. Be careful not to jeopardize your project with overconfidence.

Delegating your rental project to Bevouac means trusting real estate investment experts who carry out more than 450 projects a year. For this turnkey rental investment service and in exchange for your peace of mind, Bevouac retains a commission based on the purchase price of the property. It should be noted that commissions are financed by the bank and deducted from taxable income in accordance with the tax system. For those who don’t want to use a middleman, Bevouac has launched Filon, a 100% turnkey digital real estate investment training course