Ardian reaffirms its commitment to responsible investing

The group, chaired by Dominique Senequier, is publishing its Activity Report and Stability Report for 2021, which emphasize, in particular, the strong belief that finance should have a positive impact on all.

Ardian, the world leader in private investment, today announces the publication of its 2021 Activity Report and Sustainability Report. These reports highlight Ardian’s progress over the past year and highlight key initiatives contributing to the new division of sustainable growth. for the company. By publishing its two reports, Ardian reaffirms its position as a leader in responsible investment and its firm belief that finance should have a positive impact on all.

The way forward, activity report for 2021

This new edition of the Activity Report outlines Ardian’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility to its investors and employees and presents its investment pillars from a new perspective: private equity, real estate and credit. It also reflects Ardian’s desire to focus on its Ardian Private Wealth Solutions offering for private clients and Ardian’s individual solutions for its institutional clients to provide increasingly innovative investment solutions.

In 2021, Ardiana had a record year. In total, Ardian teams raised more than $ 15 billion and invested more than $ 30.9 billion. By the end of the year, Ardian’s assets under management and assets under management had reached $ 125 billion, now in excess of $ 130 billion. Ardian is now preparing for its next phase of growth around three key themes: attracting more talent, investing in digital technology and continuing to provide customers with comprehensive and individual investment solutions.

Investing in the future, 2021 Sustainability Report

This Sustainability Report emphasizes Ardian’s commitment to responsible development and the importance of his experience in responsible investment for building sustainable and promising businesses, as well as in realizing his vision of finance and its positive impact on society. In this new report, Ardian confirms three priority areas for the company and the companies in its portfolio:

  • Climate action, offering its expertise in measuring and reducing carbon emissions and identifying climate risks and opportunities;
  • Diversity and equal opportunities, making firm commitments and taking steps to ensure equal opportunities and knowledge sharing;
  • Measured impact through the development of its experience in sustainable development within the teams of Ardian and its portfolio companies.

Dominique Senequier, President of Ardian, says: “Investors are looking to our industry not only for the products we offer them, but also to find ways to achieve their goals. Ardian is ideal for providing investment solutions that meet their expectations. Finally, the greatest value we offer is, of course, our talents and the experience of our employees. At a time when the investment world is becoming more complex and the importance of digital and low-carbon technologies is growing, we need to anticipate these trends to effectively assess the opportunities that arise to support our companies in their transformation and adaptation. . The future of our industry belongs to companies that are able to combine all the necessary criteria for successful investment in a complex and changing environment, meeting the expectations of each client. Ardian will be at the top of these companies. “

Candice Brenet, head of sustainable development, says: “Investing fully in sustainable business is the reason Ardian exists. Our ability to improve the performance of ESG Ardian and every company in our portfolio is key to achieving this goal. Thanks to the experience gained since 2008, sustainable development is inherent in every area of ​​our business and at every stage of our investment process.

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