Ardev, an investment fund in the territory of Agen

Located in the Atrium de Boé, the company, led by Alain Tingo, funds local and regional projects.

The old Eram store, place des Laitiers in Agen, will soon begin construction. A new place to live and sell coffee will indeed be created, and it will fit into a site where there are already restaurants and pubs and just a few steps from the indoor market.

Named Cozy Coffee, the coffee shop will open at the end of the year and will be the first in a series of franchise stores planned to open in New Aquitaine. Such outlets will be coffee shops of the highest class, with a “cozy” design (hence the name) with a tasting shop, savory or sweets, as well as selling products related to coffee, tea, chocolate, accessories, etc.

Thus, this new concept was created by Agen and implemented by Lionel Becker, the founder of Cozy Coffee in 2020. He joined forces with the Regional Development Agency to make his project a reality. Ardev (formerly Armandie Développement) is based in the Atrium de Boé, and this investment fund is headed by Alain Tingo (former president of SUA, among other activities).

The Cozy Coffee dossier illustrates the little-known work of Ardev, which aims to become the first regional development and seed fund. The agency relies on environmentally responsible projects and the innovative potential of civil society. To help tomorrow’s nuggets, Ardev is mobilizing 2 million euros in equity. In January, he increased his capital (by 800,000 euros), and in addition to his financial capabilities, the fund is run by a strategic committee in which we find experienced entrepreneurs: Alain Tingo, as well as Francois Duvall (Voxel lawyers), Dominique Cornier trust consultants), Julien Garnier (Satar), Eric Arnaud (MacDonald’s restaurants), Didier Sirejol (Mercedes Hamecher), Gilles Bertrandias (Les Paysans de Rougeline), Jean-Alain Marriott (former CCI president), Jean-Andre Beguet companies).

Management and participation

This committee directs investments in two directions. First, projects where Ardev has a controlling stake. This management activity is mainly focused on catering, catering or training. Example: Les Inspirés (formerly Armandie caterer), a company that is gradually stepping down from SUA and is actively developing in weddings, that has partnered with the Bordeaux hockey club and bought the L’Agenaise bakery in Boe – the franchise idea is gaining momentum. Example: Barista, a restaurant in the Atrium, which is becoming increasingly successful. Other companies managed: BIA (read below) or destination formation.

All these structures are located in Agen, but Ardev intervenes further, in particular, for this activity, which is the second axis of development. This is about investing in a promising company, remaining a minority in its capital to help develop it for three to seven years – with a clear return on investment, ie dividends for Ardev shareholders. . Example: Cozy Coffee; K-Ryole, ABC residences, Dermoioniq cosmetics, We Go GreenR platform (see opposite).

It is planned that the portfolio of companies in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitania will grow. Ardev, in particular, is working on a project to transport electric boats near Arcachon, but we will not know more … “In a complex world, the commitment to innovation and influence is fundamental,” explains Alain Tingo. We are confident that our investments have already been made and that those under study will give good dynamics to Ardev in our Greater Southwest. Agglo d’Agen should also be interested in us: we are developing, we are creating jobs… And we are very attached to this area. “

Target cases

Ardev has invested in very different projects:

– K-Ryole. This company specializes in the production of trailers and electric carts, which allows you to transport loads up to 500 kg by bicycle or by hand. These trucks, designed specifically for urban deliveries, are now being manufactured in Tonney, and Ardev has been involved in K-Ryole’s capital increase.

– ABC Residences: a new generation of nursing homes (small homes and related services) for a better quality of life. Rental housing. The first opening is in Montignac Lasko (Dordogne), others are planned for Tivie (Dordogne) and Nevik (Corrèze).

– We Go GreenR: a booking platform dedicated to sustainable tourism.

– Dermoiioniq: range of medical cosmetics.