Antoine Flamarion: “Making savings work for our societies”, Business News

How do you motivate your employees and how does it affect the company’s performance?

Tikehau Capital’s entrepreneurial spirit is expressed in its ability to anticipate trends and accelerate change by implementing financial solutions. This aspect of Tikehau Capital’s culture is an important factor in attracting talent. Thus, Tikehau Capital has always encouraged its employees to take the initiative, to step out of their comfort zone, with the ability to promote talent to team leaders very quickly. Tikehau Capital is present in thirteen countries and four business lines and encourages internal mobility, which creates numerous development opportunities for employees. To support them in their daily lives, Tikehau Capital implements adapted local solutions, for example with parental support (home care, crèches, etc.) and individual support (maternities, disability, illness, etc.). Finally, Tikehau Capital’s compensation policy aims to reward value creation and talent retention. Paying part of the variable remuneration in shares in the medium term guarantees the alignment of interests. Management and teams, through the shares they own, have a controlling stake in the company.

What, in your opinion, should be the role of your company in society, and what measures have you taken in this direction?

Our mission is to channel global savings into innovative and adaptive financial solutions, creating value for all stakeholders and accelerating positive change for society. Business support and economic revival in Europe is the basis of Tikehau Capital’s priorities. Through its mission and impact platform, the group is involved in accelerating and supporting transitions and model changes. We intend to put the savings we manage at the service of strong trends in the development of our societies, the implementation of which requires significant capital contributions. Therefore, we finance the development of a large number of enterprises and thereby contribute to the preservation and creation of jobs. Tikehau Capital is also actively involved in the recovery and consolidation of sectors undergoing transformation. Thus, in France, we are entrusted with managing an investment fund to support aeronautics. Tikehau Capital also manages a similar fund in Spain. In Belgium, we have been mandated to manage the Belgian Recovery Fund, a recovery fund designed for post-COVID recovery. Finally, Tikehau Capital was selected among the six asset managers of the “recovery bond” system.

What is your social and/or social priority for the next twelve months?

Tikehau Capital remains convinced that profitable growth should be sustainable. Therefore, the group tries to analyze non-financial criteria in the same way as financial criteria in the evaluation of its portfolio. To meet the needs of accelerating the necessary transitions, we have created an impact platform that spans all our asset classes around four priorities: climate and biodiversity, innovation, health, economic development and social inclusion. For example, our Private Debt Impact Fund provides companies with an interest rate cut if they improve ESG criteria previously defined together. All of our impact funds follow a clear structure, including impact intentions, defining measurable goals, monitoring progress, and independent review to ensure transparent and reliable communication. Tikehau Capital has also introduced a sponsorship policy that focuses mainly on the youth. The group collaborates with various associations around the world through financial support (among others, Institut de l’engagement et Espérance suburbs in France, Junior Achievement in Spain, Room to Read in Singapore, Life Project 4 Youth in the USA).

Putting savings at the service of our society

Putting savings at the service of our society