An investment of $ 75,000 for the construction of a new Moisson Kamouraska food center

Moisson Kamouraska will be able to count on the support of nine Desjardins cases at KRTB and Côte-du-Sud for his project to build a new food distribution center. In addition to investing $ 75,000 to provide food security in KRTB and Côte-du-Sud, Desjardins will create Le Panier Committed to support and equip about 5,500 people who use the organization’s services.

The new food distribution center is an important project for the development of the organization, as well as for 26 accredited organizations and customers. This project will have a positive impact on on-site services, as the organization will be able to supply advanced organizations in sufficient quantities according to their needs, improve the quality and variety of products distributed, and thus facilitate inventory management and improve transit. goods between the receipt and dispatch of food.

Built at $ 835,000, this new distribution center, which will be located on Route 230 in La Pocatier, is scheduled to open in March 2023. In addition to doubling its capacity, this design will allow Moisson Kamouraska to supply and distribute food to the six RCMs covered by the organization.

Remember that in addition to distributing food aid directly to the population, the organization is also a distribution center for 26 organizations, which include MRC Camurasca, Riviera du Lou, Temisquata, Basque Country, Montmany and L’Ile. This means that it must store food until it is redistributed, as the reception facilities of accredited organizations are also limited and not suitable for storing perishable food. Last year, accredited organizations benefited from the supply of more than 294,000 kilograms of food at a market value of $ 2,587,000.

“This valuable assistance will help us support distribution to our clients and our accredited organizations. At a time when the MRC needs we serve are growing, every financial contribution allows us to get closer to the ambitious project of building our new building and better meet the needs of accredited organizations, ”said Mireille Lizott, General Manager of Moisson Kamuraska. The support will also meet the growing demand for food since the beginning of the health crisis and inflation, she added.

In 2022, there are still too many families and too many lonely and / or vulnerable people in the region suffering from food security. Many people have to face very difficult situations, and they have no choice but to call an ambulance. This construction is timely, as the number of requests for food aid in KRTB and Côte-du-Sud has increased over the last five years. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of requests for food aid has increased by 38%, and the recent increase in interest rates indicates a significant increase in the number of requests in the coming months.

Financial education tools and resources will be included in the emergency product boxes distributed by Moisson Kamouraska to support individuals and families in financial difficulties. A dedicated basket will help clients implement their projects, reduce financial stress, control debts and / or improve their situation. Sustainable solutions will be available to them to promote their autonomy and support.