an app for easy investing … and fighting inflation!

Mon Petit Placement: an application for easy investment… and fight inflation!

Founded in 2017, Mon Petit Placement offers access to high-quality investments from 300 euros. Thus, the French program allows people to invest their savings easily and 100% online!

Mon Petit Placement: A solution for investing online

Rising inflation is bad news for many savers who have put their savings in a regulated savings account. Recorded at 1% of 1is February 2022, the speed of booklet A is largely insufficient today to compensate for the price increase.

There are solutions to stop losing money with Livret A: My little investment example, 100% online service, where you can invest in the highest investments in 10 minutes.

The principle is particularly simple: all you need to do is register and respond to the form to determine your investor profile. Their experts will then offer you a video of your personal investment strategy. This step is free and without any obligations! And if their offer suits you, all you need to do is verify your account before you can track the progress of your investment through your online space.

The innovative solution, developed by Mon Petit Placement, is aimed at savers who do not really know the financial world, as well as the most enterprising, and is available for investment from 300 euros.

The application allows them without prior knowledge:

  • To benefit from a the potential return is much more interesting than booklet A ;
  • Access high-end investment funds usually reserved for wealthy investors (Lazard, Pictet, JPMorgan, etc.);
  • be accompanied all the time his adviser
  • But above all, to take advantage of a turnkey solution to simply increase your savings!

Multiple investment profiles adapted for each investor

The Mon Petit Placement offer is aimed at both novice savers and more experienced investors. To meet the expectations and heritage goals of different audiences, the platform offers several wallets from the lowest to the most risky:

  • in Volunteer portfolio gives priority to stable and safe investments for savers who need minimal volatility. The average yield is approximately 3% per year ;
  • in Energy portfolio. adds a touch of dynamism to the invested funds, as the risk remains moderate. With average yield 5% per yearthe solution may appeal to many savers;
  • in “Ambitious” portfolio increases the risk for maximum productivity. This, of course, leads to greater volatility in the cost of investment, as well as the prospect of winning 8% per year approximately;
  • in “Fearless” portfolio presents the most effective Mon Petit Placement offer in the long run with estimated annual profitability 12%. Risk acceptance is higher and therefore can expose you to significant loss in the short term.

Themed options to add value to your savings

In addition to a variety of portfolios, Mon Petit Placement stands out for directing your investments to areas that are important to you, such as:

  • Innovative high-tech companies;
  • Combating global warming;
  • health;
  • Job creation;
  • Solidarity economy …

What are the main benefits of accommodating Mon Petit?

It has never been so easy to increase your savings! Mon Petit Placement has many benefits if you do not have the time or desire to closely monitor your investment.

  • AND innovative and 100% online service : Mon Petit Placement promotes simplicity and accessibility. Registration can be done at your fingertips from your smartphone 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Investment monitoring is then available through an ergonomic and highly educational interface, on a mobile device or on a website.
  • From investments available to all : It is not necessary to have a large amount to invest in Mon Petit Placement. Start from 300 euros;
  • AND human and individual approach : Mon Petit Placement consultants support and guide investors to determine the best investment strategy according to their profile and goals. You can contact customer support by phone, e-mail or instant messaging 7 days a week;
  • AND save time noticeable: when you first connect, 10 minutes is enough to create an account and access an attractive first investment;
  • From payment for the results of work : The platform only charges a fee if your investment is successful.

How to invest with Mon Petit Placement?

To create a Mon Petit Placement account and start investing, all you need to do is:

  • To get here;
  • To click “I’m starting” and fill out the form in less than 10 minutes;
  • You will receive an individual investment strategy proposed by the Mon Petit Placement team;
  • To verify your account before you can track your investments through a secure location.

Take advantage of a 30% reduction in performance fees charged for the first year at Mon Petit Placement, by registration with code JDN30!

Three key points to keep in mind:

  • Mon Petit Placement allows you to invest easily, 100% online and from 300 euros.
  • You benefit from high-quality investments, which are usually intended for the richest.
  • The commission is charged only if the investment is successful and is reduced by 30% for the first year of registration due to the code JDN30!