5 equipment you can invest in for the future production of your wine


war for polluting emissions from cars and waste

The Global Pollution Front is upgrading the supply of cleaner interline tractors. Fendt 200, Same Frutteto, New Holland T4, Landini Rex 4, Claas Nexos, Massey MF3, etc. all new models are presented in a new special issue Vine now meet the so-called “Stage V” standard. Very often, more than 80 horsepower, pollution protection systems themselves or related FAP, DOC or even EGR are no longer enough. Selective catalytic reduction, known as SCR, makes an excellent entry. Buying a new tractor from the updated range this year will definitely not reduce your Adblue refueling costs. If new models can consume less, it will be necessary to take into account this additional cost, not forgetting to increase the price of manufacturers.

Stop spending too! New players offer to test your energy consumption in the vineyard and cellar. On our pages, Lowatt monitors energy losses.

Say goodbye to herbicides and drift

If the rope encircles the neck of the glyphosate canister, the chair on which it sits is not yet spread. However, its announced end remains in all moods. Thus, manufacturers are competing in the imagination to offer tools that should always be more effective if it is better to follow the ground (mowing Magneto or Actisol) or get as close as possible to the vines with the original configuration (flat discs Boisselet or Belhomme). Destructive technologies such as New Holland’s Xpower XPS electric shock are appearing even in narrow vineyards.

With the creation of untreated zones (ZNT) drift was not left out. The most important changes can be seen in the recovery panels and face-to-face descents. See Tecnoma’s new Panel’jet, Bakus retention or even Pellenc’s Air-D Control with PWM technology to modulate the flow by opening and closing the outlets very quickly.

Do without manpower, and the remaining one, protect

Another problem of the moment is the lack of people in the vineyards. The result is an unprecedented explosion of robotics and automation. Trektor from Sitia, YV01 from Yanmar, Jo from Naïo, Romax Viti, Slopehelper, Monarch, Traxx from Exxact Robotics, etc. There are single-task and station wagons, stradlers and spacers. No vine will escape this.

And if you happen to be able to keep employees, other equipment can help them better maintain the difficulty of tasks. Because the supply of exoskeletons also exploded. On our pages we find at least 9 proposed solutions for the vineyard and cellar.

Combating climate change

Each season now brings its share of disasters. First, the gel. Phenomena of these two sources expand the supply of wood heaters. Also wind turbines. Now they promise to be less noisy than Climawiki’s DS-Eole. And the climate is warm and cold. Shadow grids are trying to become more democratic. they find another use with hail protection (Cov’Impact).

To make better use of water, equipment manufacturers and geographic information specialists, such as TerraNIS, seek to accurately characterize the water status of each site.

Get ahead of consumers’ tastes and surprise them

After all, we must also meet the expectations of customers and consumers. More and more equipment is coming to the wine cellar, such as the Bucher X Plus, LogiCO2, Purg’ciel and Occion drains. Real Decision Support Tools (DST) supports basement technicians in their technical orientation, such as Sentia from Vinventions, Oenofoss Go or Winery Platform or Pellenc Connect. There are also surprises for visitors in the basements. Jars and eggs reproduce. wine tourist looking for a tasting experience. And the customer is always right.

To learn more, feel free to read the Special Edition “Viti-oeno equipment: novelties for 2022-2023” what Vine just published. Order here.